Start your Action Collection in Just 20 Bucks

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Over the years I have surrounded myself with distinct and unique amount of action oriented games as well as collectibles which are both rewarding and highly satisfying. Being a huge PC video games freak I like to get my hands onto each and every game available out there. I search the depths of gaming high and low till I come across the best pickings it has to offer. But for me having gaming as a hobby can at times become quite a expensive one to keep. To my benefit I am quite the miser when it comes to budgeting for some gaming action and adventure.

Gaming to me has become life itself and I make sure to grab every kind of collectible there is. From bottle openers to key chains, from super articulate figurines to busts, I gotta have them all. I also realize that there are loads of my brethren out there who equally if not more enjoy this same vigor and excitement for gaming in their lives but end up burning big holes in their pockets. Now to unravel this conundrum on how to save on the big bucks I devised a plan which I would like to share with all my fellow teammates so that they can enjoy every single moment without lightening their wallets.                                                                      

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