BlizzCon - Is Titan on the way

17 April, 2013 0 comments Leave a comment

Every year gamers patiently wait in hope for that one event that changes the way their whole year will play out. BlizzCon or the Blizzard annual Convention takes place each year in the Anaheim Convention Center where Blizzard announces the games that are under development or to be released along with when these games would hit their respective platforms. Fans take in every drop of information and participate in various contests and competitions to earn trophies and major prizes that are given away at the event.

The year 2012 spelled doom for most of the fans waiting in joyful hope as the convention was cancelled due to the major work and jam packed schedule that had set the company back. Soon after this event rumours were floating about in regards to BlizzCon being permanently shutdown but that is not the case. Recently Blizzard announced that there will indeed be a BlizzCon in the year 2013 where the finals of StarCraft II 2013 World Championship Series will be held. Perhaps we might just get a glimpse or shred of information related to Blizzard’s hush hush MMO project codenamed or called ‘Titan’.

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