Mad Dog II The Lost Gold 

22 April, 2013 0 comments Leave a comment

Mad Dog McCree was the roughest, toughest son of a gun this side of the west, well back in the 90’s anyway. He plagued all our lives and most of our childhood as we ran to video game parlours spending our quarters to get a crack at this ruthless criminal. And when we finally spent half our life’s fortune defeating him, Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold was released to take care of the other half of our money. It provided us hours of entertainment and apart from being an extreme pain in the neck also proved to be a solid challenge for most of us gamers.

So when PlayStation network announced that they were bringing back Ol’ Mad Dog McCree to life, imagine the excitement that ran through several player’s minds. The PSN (PlayStation Network) has decided to re-launch and revive Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold for the current generation of console by adding a few tweaks that are going to improve the overall status of the game for adding tons of enjoyment for the player.Read More.... 

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