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The day Angry Birds came out, it sent waves of excitement through the gaming world and soon captured all our hearts with its amazing charm. The challenge and fun factor wrapped among the puzzles along with the simplicity of the game brought throngs of people towards it. Originally it was an android game only but now it can be found on almost all platforms. Thanks to developers Rovio entertainment, Exient entertainment and Housemarque along with publisher Activision a new version called Angry Birds Trilogy was released for the Xbox360, PS3 and Nintendo DS. The games can also be played with motion controls.

Trilogy meaning three, improved graphics and better experience:

The trilogy has a set of three games called Angry Birds Classic, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons. Stellar graphics and settings make the Angry Birds universe come jumping out of the screen. Basic gameplay stays intact along with the addition of trophies which are an added challenge. Music remains the same as well while that familiar feeling stays intact. Combining all three games is a great strategy and a lovely bundle.

Improved visual elements give the game a welcome facelift:

The graphics are really smooth and it almost feels as if the user is playing with a pat of butter. The birds fly with sheer finesse as the environments twinkle in the background. Lighting is kept simple as most of the game and its setting are reminiscent of the past games. New cinematic and animations improve the overall fun factor giving the game a great feel. Backgrounds are well drawn out and the birds glide with grace to topple their opponents. Visually the game has done no wrong at all while keeping it simple and artistic.

Fantastic sound effects that would put you in the mood

Sounds are mostly similar to the original games, as the birds chatter with frustration and anger while the Piggies stay silent and laugh to themselves along with the familiar music that plays at the beginning of the game. Sound effects of birds flying, hitting the piggies, destroying and tumbling towers are stupendous while keeping it all clear and crisp for the player to enjoy.

Smoother gameplay and better control scheme make this a fun filled adventure:

Simplicity is evident within the gameplay mechanics. The control schemes are easy to master while making it very easy for the player to get through levels. Smoother movement makes it easier to plan and play. There are tons of achievements added within this version so that players can yearn to earn these by completing various tasks. Resetting levels can be done with one single button which is definitely an improvement. Scores can be updated on the net as you go head to head with other players. Move controls are also compatible with the entire trilogy, though the move controls are a bit complicated to master. Menus change for the Move controls. There are also loads of extras that provide the player with artwork, biographies and several other goodies.

On the whole Angry Birds Trilogy is truly an exciting package that is sure to keep players glued to their screens and pump up their heartbeats!

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