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Our first encounter with the Assassin’s Creed franchise saw us controlling Altair, an assassin whose only job was well........assassinating people. The whole new concept was great of reliving our ancestors memories as we take on the role of a master assassin to uncover certain secrets buried in the past. As the franchise grew, so did the characters and the timelines. The next in line to become an assassin was Ezio Auditore and he indeed brought new gameplay elements that took the franchise to another level. Developer and publisher Ubisoft decided to build on Ezio’s story depicted through three games out of which the third instalment would be Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. With its launch it received positive reviews and is said to mark the end of Ezio’s journey.

Three characters are balanced, older Ezio is awesome, new control schemes:

This time around the player has to control three main characters and Ubisoft did this very well. They balanced out the screen time very well where each character gets his time without feeling cheap on any level. Handling an older Ezio is so much cooler as he is much more experienced and definitely more charming than before. New control schemes make motion fluid and non-stop giving it a continuous rhythm.

Graphics are amped, character models are nice, large city looks great:

The graphics have been upgraded and tweaked ever so slightly in order to keep the game afloat with the many competitors it has on the market. Character models are really nice especially Ezio with his rough beard and grey hair. Lighting effects are especially nice as portions of the game depend on it and come out with flying colours. The entire city has been revamped and it looks really beautiful given its large and vast size. The day-night cycle makes sure to bring out the best in the city.

Musical theme is strong, voice acting crisp, sound effects are great:

The musical theme has been very strong throughout the Assassin’s Creed franchise and this time around it isn’t any different. The soundtrack is subdued in the background and comes alive at key moments in the game when required. Voice acting has been kept to its original and does a wonderful job of keeping the action real and the characters personalities alive. Other sound effects have also been kept sharp and crisp.

New movement, new tools, emotionally fulfilling ending, tower defence is rubbish:

The core gameplay factor hasn’t changed much but the minor changes do impact the game. The new movement options keep the fluidity constant and action on a perpetual high. There are new tools that the assassin can use and these are fun to occasionally show off while on the go. The brotherhood recruitment has also received a nice touch this time. The overall main story is not that impressive but the ending is very emotionally fulfilling which gives Ezio a worthy end to his saga. The tower defence mode isn’t fun at all and Desmond’s sections are plain boring. 

Our Verdict 

All in all Assassin’s Creed: Revelations does a very good job at closing the Ezio timeline to look out for something more. Beautifully created the game will definitely leave a mark on the player as one of the most emotionally satisfying experiences.


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