The Battlefield series has enjoyed its share of success and fame in the market as well as the gaming community. It is a first person shooter video game that incorporates elements related to war and throws the player into a warzone rife with death and destruction. The game pits the player against his enemies in environments where he feels vulnerable and feels a desperate need for survival. The player is also allowed to wear the shoes of several military related personas as he completes various tasks in respect to them. Battlefield so far has had great success over the years and critically acclaimed Battlefield 3 was the twelfth instalment in the series.

Building on its success, Electronic Arts has decided to launch the thirteenth instalment in the series named Battlefield 4. This version of the Battlefield universe boasts of high graphics and superb gameplay that is sure to pull the gamer into the depths of the game. Its rich themes promise to provide the player with a truly immersive world waiting to be dived into. The game is powered by DICE’s proprietary Frostbite 3 engine which boasts of improved graphics and lush environments.

The all new single player campaign will have huge improvements added to it to increase the gameplay style as well as give players more bang for their buck. The single player campaign will place gamers into the shoes of “Recker”, a member of the Tombstone squad. He will be a part of a team and will be able to issue orders. EA suggests that there will be a variety of multiplayer game design elements which will be incorporated within the single player campaign. This will definitely have a huge impact on the way the player interacts with the game.

This time around the single player campaign will have massive environments for the player to tread along. He will have access to a host of new vehicles which will grant him added support throughout the levels. A player can also direct squad mates which will come in handy in the heat of battle. The game now offers the single player mode to track player progress which brings about a challenge in the realm of social competition. Promotional material seems to point towards the fact that the game features 3 playable factions along with the return of Commander Mode. The environments will glisten and burn with beauty portraying the dark themes that envelope a player as he goes to war. Detailed characters will bring about that realistic feeling to the game.

And much to everyone’s surprise, EA has announced that Battlefield 4 will be available on next generation consoles. This news has definitely delighted the gaming community as next gen consoles will certainly pack a wallop. Rumours were also flying around that Battlefield 4 will incorporate motion control but these were soon put to silence by EA. EA said that they were not interested in things that would not improve the overall gameplay. Battlefield is said to release around late 2013 which allows the player enough time to save the cash to go to war.