Video games have certainly come a long way since the day they invaded our lives some decades back. They have grown by leaps and bounds and along with them have come along various collectibles in the shape of action figures, posters and all sorts of video game merchandize. There are many genres of gaming out there ranging from first person shooters to third person RPGs that each possesses their very own range of collectibles.

If you have a craze for video games and love to play video games then you would probably know that picking the perfect collectible out from an ocean of assortments is quite the tedious task. Thus we must keep in mind the many factors that help prove the magnitude of the collectible if we are to purchase them and spend our hard earned dough on them. In order to do so we must pay attention to the themes that are associated with the video game merchandize we wish to purchase. Picking the perfect theme can take a lot of time and dedicated research unless you already know the most important ones. Here are the top 5 themes related to video game collectibles:

5. CLASSICS: The classics certainly make this list as what would gaming be without its original predecessors. Games such as Mario, Pac Man, Pong all have create their mark in the world and have gone on to claim top spots and earn themselves their very own merchandizing industry.

4. ONE-ON-ONE FIGHTING GAMES: This genre is one hugely successful category as it allowed the player to pit themselves against their friends in battle to come out on top. Games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Dead or Alive have come a long way and have brought along with them hoards of collectibles.

3. OPEN WORLD RPG: Certain open world games that revolve around the aspect of action-adventure have gained a foothold in the industry and have come to stay. This genre has several games under its belt ranging from the controversial GTA series to award winning Assassin’s creed series along with groundbreaking Batman games each having their very own super cool collectibles.

2. THIRD PERSON SHOOTERS: Third person shooters are rare but definitely can pack a punch when required. A very popular game called Gears of War has certainly proved upon the fact that third person shooters can hold their own. It has its own range of collectibles among the other growing third person shooters.

1. FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS: This genre is literally the one that takes the cake. It has games that have broken records and created headlines inducting them into the hall of fame. Games such as Modern Warfare, Halo, Crysis have all in some way affected popular culture and thus earned a spot on the pedestal of brilliance. Owning a collectible from this genre gets you recognition wherever you may go.

These genres are the top dogs among the rest and if you really want your collection to garner the ‘Oooh’s and ‘Aaah’s then this is the step to take.