When Bioshock first released in the year 2007, it sent waves of excitement through the gaming community while winning awards and appreciation from all over. Due to the fantastic success it enjoyed, Irrational games released Bioshock 2 which once again gained quite some respect but not as much as its predecessor. In the year 2013, Irrational games decided to take a bold turn and give the world of Bioshock a complete facelift called Bioshock: Infinite.

Unlike Rapture which is set deep at the bottom of the ocean, Bioshock: Infinite is set in the heavens where a city is built upon the clouds. The player will believe that the city of Columbia is alive bustling with people at every corner where propagandas get a new face and belief systems are given a platform to grow. The colour scheme used within the game shines with brilliance as each shade and tint sparkles with a host of emotions. Meanwhile the sharp intricate features of characters are perfectly portrayed leaving nothing to imagination. Each and every area of the game has its own unique feeling attached to it from dark dungy spaces to bright and well lit environments.

The player takes control of protagonist Booker DeWitt who is sent on a mission to recover a teenage girl called Elizabeth. From here on end the player put through a rollercoaster of emotions and wild venture laced with mystery and action packed adventure. Each and every character of the game is drawn out possessing their own sense of exclusive identity that separates them from the rest. At first look Bioshock: Infinite would give the feeling of Deja vu to the player in relation to the original game in the series but soon changes.

As the player progresses through the game he finds a humble companion by his side in the guise of Elizabeth. From time to time she helps the protagonist by sending money and ammo to his side along with immense fire power to battle off the many cybervillians that inhabit Columbia. The villains that are housed in Columbia are both comical and sinister. Patriot robots are amusing but can put up quite a fight while Handymen are plain unforgiving. The melee skyhook is one hell of a weapon which lets the player pull off some pretty gruesome yet neat kills.

The game differs from platform to platform where the PC version wins the day. It has amazing graphics in comparison to age old consoles. The consoles gamepad only has two vigors and weapons mapped out at a particular time. The story of the game is probably the key point that reigns supreme during the whole game. It does surprise you and you won’t see it coming. All the issues related to nationalism, racism, sexism are thrust into the player’s face to live through. The story keeps the emotions and characters bound together to create a breathtaking experience.

BioShock: Infinite certainly lived up to all the hype and expectation that the gaming community had. So will it get the Game of the Year award? It may just pull it off and certainly is a worthy nomination for it. It will win your heart and drug your senses with excitement as definitely is a praiseworthy game. So ‘Would you kindly’ go and pick up this game?