Every year gamers patiently wait in hope for that one event that changes the way their whole year will play out. BlizzCon or the Blizzard annual Convention takes place each year in the Anaheim Convention Center where Blizzard announces the games that are under development or to be released along with when these games would hit their respective platforms. Fans take in every drop of information and participate in various contests and competitions to earn trophies and major prizes that are given away at the event.

The year 2012 spelled doom for most of the fans waiting in joyful hope as the convention was cancelled due to the major work and jam packed schedule that had set the company back. Soon after this event rumours were floating about in regards to BlizzCon being permanently shutdown but that is not the case. Recently Blizzard announced that there will indeed be a BlizzCon in the year 2013 where the finals of StarCraft II 2013 World Championship Series will be held. Perhaps we might just get a glimpse or shred of information related to Blizzard’s hush hush MMO project codenamed or called ‘Titan’.

There has been a lot of speculation about whether Blizzard will break the ice about Titan and finally put an end to all the discussions and rumours flying around. Way back in the year 2007 Blizzard had put up job listings on their site related to character and environment artists for ‘Next Gen MMO’. This acted as a spark to ignite the flame of curiosity within the many fans that have since been coming out with weird and wacky ideas and insights about the game. For all we know development would have started even in the year 2006 and till date is being polished and perfected.


BlizzCon would be the perfect platform for Blizzard to come out with the news related to Titan and tone down all the fanboys rampaging about. Why Blizzard would do this at this time is simple. Since BlizzCon holds this event every year and it attracts several thousands of fans, it would be wise to release information to the press and them so that the game would receive great PR. Another important task that the announcement of Titan would fulfil is that of gaining more fan support and appreciation after the mixed reactions it has received from Heart of the Swarm.



Going by the hype Titan gathered, it would certainly push Blizzard into the limelight once again plus rumours such as Titan being the reason for BlizzCon 2012 to be cancelled can be finally put to rest. The gap of that one lost year can be filled in easily with the release of such ground-breaking news and fans would happily slurp every drop. If Blizzard decides to do a no show in relation to Titan, then it might just have a war on its hands. Blizzard could finally redeem itself and gain the much needed trust while putting an end to the countless topics related to Titan that have been discussed to death, resurrected and discussed again.