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The Call of Duty series shot to fame with its Modern Warfare series and it certainly did a number on the many fans who have become religiously fanatic about it. It’s an excellent war shooter which puts the player into a fantastic story driven environment and incredible gameplay mechanics to keep the action flowing at all times. Each successor has come out with flying colours and Call of Duty: Black Ops is no different. Developed by Treyarch and published by Activision, the game broke its predecessor Modern Warfare 2’s record of highest sales worldwide. It is set in the Cold War era where players once again get a chance to control a host of different characters throughout the single player campaign.

Immersive storyline, great gameplay full of action, design issues:

The COD series is at the top of its game as always and does not fail to impress. The story is has a lot of immersion quality in it which will suck the player within the universe along with the killer voice acting. There is a perpetual thrill of totting a gun and going for knife-kills in this game that will keep the flow of excitement at an all time high. The campaign is rife with action packed themes and is sure to satisfy the palette of the perfectionist. Some design issues do pop up but are not significant enough to hamper the fun.

Mixed bag, texture pop ups, lovely distinct environments, superb scripted events:

The graphical areas of the game are a mixed bag. At certain points in the game there are issues regarding bad texture pop ups which only slow the game down a bit. The environments are different where each setting holds its own and some just outshine the other in various cases. There is an added array of colours that seem different and distinct from other COD games. The best part is that some of the scripted events just kick serious butt.

Excellent soundtrack aptly placed, voice acting is just brilliant:

Cranked up with more than 100 volts, the soundtrack of the game does justice to the action and adrenaline pumping scenarios. The player will feel attuned to the action as his pulse races to the superb music and sound effects. The voice acting is so damn nice, each character is a fully fleshed out person to take control off and they perform so damn well.

Immersive story and superb campaign, more variety, need better AI, short campaign:

Call of Cuty: Black Ops has the player thinking maybe the single player and multiplayer campaign could have used a little more oomph but more or less satisfies him with the ample amount of explosions. The single player campaign just shines the brightest here as it has such an immersive and rich story that will captivate the player’s senses. There are instances where the player might want the AI to be more bad-ass but this rarely comes. The sheer variety of gameplay elements that Black Ops inducts into the game is superior to the series. Many new additions to the multiplayer campaign are so much cooler like the in-game currency system. Combat training eases the player into multiplayer excitement. The one grouse that players will have with the game is that the campaign is too short.

Our Verdict

This new addition to the COD series certainly stands out due to its positivity and the massive appeal that it holds over the many players and certainly earns people’s recognition and respect.


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