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The Cars franchise is a lovable one and has surely won the little one’s hearts along with every adult’s too. It evokes the simplest of emotions and brings a smile to our faces as we watch these racing cars shape a heart-warming story. Developers Avalanche Software and publishers Disney Interactive Studios decided to take that experience even further with their release of Cars 2 (The video game). The game is based around the movie Cars 2 the sequel to Cars and was released in 2011. It places the player into the Cars universe with a completely new international spy theme. It features an array of Cars characters who indulge in action-packed spy adventures and world-class racing.

Brilliant representation of the Cars universe, Massive appeal, Lots of content, More Cars:

The Cars universe is well built with every level showing off the brilliance and intricacy that the developers have put into the game. The best part about the game is that it has an appeal for younger as well as older audiences. A whole lot of content and a massive career mode make it worthwhile. There are also many Cars characters that the player can choose to pick from in order to complete tasks and race the hell out of the tracks.

Great environments and superb characters, nice lighting effects, lovely visual elements:

The cars universe comes alive on the player’s screen due to the brilliant graphics and stunning visual elements. There is a lot of detail put into the characters that feel great to control and race with. The emotions are perfectly captured within the characters due to the level of intricacy placed within them. Environments are well crafted giving them a great overall appeal. Lighting effects are well placed throughout the game giving it an artistic look.

Great audio appeal, impressive voice acting, good audio effects, voice samples get jarring:

The sound factor is great within the game with completely lovely audio effects. Most of the voice actors from the movie come back to reprise their roles within the game. Since the voice acting is so great, it gives the characters certain likeable and lovable personality that will stay with the player even after he has finished playing. Some of the voice samples become grating after a while but nonetheless the audio effects are placed perfectly throughout most of the game.

Slick gameplay, tons of stuff to unlock, detailed tracks, lots of characters, no online gameplay:

The gameplay is fun to playthrough giving the players so much to do out in the Cars universe. The career mode is pretty huge and possesses a lot of variety which gives the player so many options. The tracks are also well detailed with lots of shortcuts to access in order for better enjoyment. There is a four player split screen that is supported in all the modes offered by the game. There is a vast variety of 30 distinct playable characters which are fun to control. Single player is exciting but multiplayer just takes the cake here. The only missing feature is that belonging to online gameplay which is a shame since the game has so much potential. There are loads of modes to unlock and several tracks to race on which will keep the player hook onto the game.

Our Verdict 

Cars 2 captures the beauty and fun that the series is known for and will surely provide the player with a fulfilling and rewarding experience albeit the missing online option might put a damper on some players.


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