As young children we all meddled in the wonderful realm of 2D gaming on our respective consoles that gave us hours upon hours of unending fun. Some of these games had a unique effect that was long lasting and still holds a special spot in all of us. Games like Golden Axe, Mario brothers and the likes ruled our childhood and till date makes us nostalgic whenever we think about them. That is why when The Behemoth decided to launch Castle Crashers on the Xbox Live network it created quite a stir among the gaming community.

Castle Crashers is based upon 2D side scrolling fighting games such as Streets of Rage and Double Dragon. It took cue from games like these and added features like RPG elements which included collecting loot, upgrading the characters as well as earning money in the form of little golden coins. Castle Crashers threw players back in time to enjoy side scrolling beat-em-ups in all their glory while improving on some of the core factors such as graphics, gameplay and presentation.

The story revolves around 4 knights who have to rescue princesses from the dastardly hands of an evil Wizard who has nabbed them. Though it might sound like a straightforward story, it aptly fits the gameplay as well as the scenario the game is set in. Simple and effective are two core themes that this game’s story is all about. The story might seem linear at first but throughout the timeline the player is introduced to various gags and surprises that keep the whole setting fresh and non-repetitive.

The areas differ from war stricken battle fields to ornate castles all waiting to be given a facelift by the brave knights. Combat is simple as it revolves around two attacks which are heavy and light and the others include jumping and using items. Magical spells differ from character to character and can be used most of the times. Throughout the barrage of levels the players are also provided with animals to ride on as they become your faithful sidekicks for a while. Weapons and other intricate tools of destruction fall from your slain enemies to be picked up and used by the player.

Leveling up your character is easy and straightforward as it follows the rule of ‘Kill more to earn more’. You can create a balanced character by upgrading the 4 attributes provided to the player which are strength, magic, defence, and agility. Another wonderful aspect is animal orbs which are little animals that the player collects along his path. These animals provide useful traits to the player to increase his skills and efficiency on the battlefield. It also has a multiplayer function where you and a bunch of your friends can get together to hack and slash your way through some baddies.

Castle Crashers has lot of re-playability value attached to it as the player can choose to operate the entire game with different kinds of knights. There are also many pesky and fun secrets to uncover which add to the fun-factor of the overall experience. At the end of the day Castle Crashers is a fun way to transport you back to 2D fighting era where you can rescue the princess all over again.