Castlevania got revamped over the years and has come out with various versions each having a different personality. It started from the 2D era and has improved by leaps and bounds in every realm related to graphics, gameplay and story. The series first launched way back in the year 1986 developed by Konami. The game was centred on the Belmonts, a clan of vampire hunters and their battle against Dracula. It received praise and appreciation from critics and the gaming community and its popularity continues to grow with each game that it releases.

Over the years Castlevania launched many games in the series and most recently launched one for the 3DS called Castlevania Lords of Shadow : Mirror of Fate. Unfortunately it failed to create a large impact but does stay true to the series. It is a wonderful action packed game that draws the player into the gothic styled Dracula’s castle while facing multitudes of enemies waiting to gnaw away at the character. The game is visually appealing and does a good job of bringing the surroundings to life while imbibing emotions related to dark and dreary horrors within the player.

The player controls three different characters all belonging to the Belmonte family. Each character has a different playstyle and the fluidity of the combat system makes it a real pleasure to slice and dice the enemies. The story is the weak point here as it does not really stand out and is pretty predictable stealing away the theme of originality. There is a neat twist thrown in but some players might see it coming from a mile away. Despite this problem of predictability, the game does not shy away from allowing the characters to go through some phases of development. Until now no other game in the series really touched upon the subject of character development which sets this one apart.

The primary tool of destruction is the whip which comes in use through most of the game while the secondary items take a backseat. The weapons also play a huge role in the realm of discovery as the player has to avoid pits of death swinging from one place to the other all the while taking care of his surroundings. There are also a few puzzles thrown in midway which don’t really seem to be much of a challenge and rather a minor roadblock.

As you stomp on the host of enemies, you acquire skill points and the player has to carefully upgrade his character in order to fully develop the skills to take down an army of pestering foes. There is one part that this game fails and that is of quick time events. These simply act as a stumbling block which slows down the action. Instead of being well positioned these quick time events seem forcefully placed upon the game. Exploration and discovery are bland and not that rewarding which take away a portion of the fun.

Excepting a few minor gameplay designs and inconsistencies, Mirror of Fate is a great and fun action game that pits the player against various challenges for him to overcome and stand tall at the end of the day.