At first glance Chivalry: Medieval Warfare might just seem like your run of the mill FPS (First Person Slasher) but one needs to delve a little more into the realm to truly understand the glory that this game touts. Developed by Torn Banner Studios, the game places the player in the midst of a battlefield where instead of guns and grenades, he utilizes sharp swords and bludgeoning maces to beat his enemies to a pulp. It is a multi-player game that allows the player to converse with several other people while journeying with them to achieve new heights.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is as the name suggests set in a time period where horses were used as modes of transport and kings were slayed on a daily basis. The player is submerged into the gigantic world of Agatha that is stuck in between two factions namely the Agathian Knights and Mason Order who battle for superiority and control over the region. Within this region great battles are fought and the player is put through turmoil and chaos out of which he has to come out victorious lest he bleed to death on the cold war stricken fields.

Surprisingly there are only four classes for the player to pick his hero from. This is one weak point of the game as it does not really offer the option of a host of choices which makes the player feel cheated. The classes are the Vanguard, the Knight, Man-at-arms and the Archer. The weakest class is the Archer not because of his characteristics but because of the poor mechanics that he utilizes to fight his enemies. Taking up the role of an archer isn’t much fun as it is more tedious than enjoyable.

Combat is smooth and simple to get a hold off as it allows the player to learn the basics of the movement and fighting style within minutes. Combos and special powers and skills can be used without having to press a barrage of buttons. This proves to be great as it helps the player fend off several of his enemies while keeping the pace of combat at a high. There are gratuitous amounts of gore and blood that spill all over the battlefield as limbs go flying in all directions. Though at first sight it might seem funny but it is cathartic to say the least.

Multiplayer matches where players can team up to complete an objective are fun to do. Players can get together to loot camps and take over enemy castles to wreak absolute havoc. The map is huge and has a variety of distinct areas that change from objective to objective. These objectives vary from small and tiny tasks to large and enormous battles which each are rewarding in their own way. Depending on the path the player chooses, he can be thrown to take up a defensive or attacking stance.

Apart from a few roadblocks like the archers and limited amount of classes, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a smashing experience and certainly a delight to play.