We all love the occasional fun strategy game that helps us test our skill to complete tasks and earn rewards but when a game like Crusader Kings 2 comes along we are forced to stand up and take notice of the brilliance of grand strategy. Critically acclaimed Crusader Kings 2 is a grand strategy game developed by Paradox Development Studio which is set in the high and late middle ages. The game is a dynasty simulator where the player is given complete control to build his dynasty atop the crumbling defeat of others. It features the strategic use of war, marriages and cut-throat assassinations among various other features to help the player on his path of conquest and victory.

The game won many awards and received a high level of respect and appreciation from the gaming community as well as critics. Due to the massive amount of success it achieved in the market, Paradox decided to launch many other expansions which would bring us to the fourth one called Crusader Kings 2: The Old Gods. This part of the game finally allows the player to portray the role of a Pagan or Zoroastrian ruler while keeping their focus on the Vikings and their tradition of pillage and adventure.

The game is a brilliant take on life back in the Middle Ages where the world was populated with conquerors, knights, political schemes and whatnot. The player can feel completely immersed within the game as he builds his dynasty from scratch and goes on to leave his mark on society. The new instalment boasts of several new features that are sure to make it a worthy expansion to own.

The first and foremost feature that stands high is that of being able to control Pagan or Zoroastrian rulers which has been discussed earlier. The start date will be totally different as compared to other versions and will begin from 807 AD making this game span the longest period in history. Landless characters will be able to carve out armies to go out and explore and conquer realms to call their own. The player can now declare his intentions upon his enemies and get ready for a fierce battle. Earlier rebels were nameless and never really had a cause but this has changed. Now rebels are well structured units following a character who believes in certain ideas and agendas.

Players can loot and pillage villages and areas to gain all the gold. They can sacrifice to Odin at the Great Blot. The new Pagan interface skin brings its very own unique identity to the gameplay and is a fantastic new feature. There are a host of new events and decisions that take place in the world and have a direct impact on the player. It is up to the player how he deals with these events and what kind of decisions he makes at the end of the day. Graphics have also undergone minor changes which should bring some more clarity to the overall visual appeal.

Crusader Kings 2: The Old Gods is slated to release around Q2, 2013 and until then fans will keep their fingers crossed in hopes that this one turns out similar or better than the original.