Getting ready to bust a move in a discotheque can be quite nerve racking and tedious unless you have some practice beforehand. Dance Central 2 the platform that will allow you a wonderful learning and entertaining experience so that you can pull some fancy moves out on the dance floor. Developed by Harmonix Music Systems for the Xbox 360 Kinect, Dance Central 2 is the sequel to hit original Dance Central. It utilizes a motion control system tracked by the Kinect to study and record the moves of the player according to the gameplay.


Over the top stylish presentation is beautifully created

The presentation is quirky and is able to capture the attention of the player. Its creative and stylish interface is a pleasure to manoeuvre around giving it its own unique appeal. The motion navigation this time around is substituted with voice control. The story is wacky and silly but is fun to sit through and enjoy at the end of the day.

Visually bursting with fun each location is brought to life with the amazing graphical representation

The visuals are brimming with brilliance as each dance floor and venue is set to blow your mind away. Character models are crafted with utmost precision giving them cool features and a style statement to die for. The venues screech of perfection as each area has its own unique and distinct visual appeal that lights up every stage. Environments are not in abundance and this is where it falls short but the fun is still kept intact.

Superb music will revive the soul of dancing in the player

The tracks are full of energy and the player can listen to a host of new and old mix of enthusiastic songs while moving his hips to the peppy numbers. The option of buying the original tracks from the first game is also available to add to the tracklist.

Gameplay mechanics have minor changes but the addition of multiplayer rocks

The gameplay more or less remains the same with minor tweaks here and there. There are different skill levels which the player can choose to complete and prove to be a great challenge for almost anyone. An added benefit that inhabits the dance floor is the addition of multiplayer. This allows friends to go one on one with each other or team up and burn the dance floor. It’s a great game to have at parties as it will immediately pick up the mood. There is one flaw though, that there isn’t any online multiplayer which would have been delightful.

Lasting appeal depends on the player

Dance Central 2 grants the player with the wonderful opportunity to pull some crazy stunts on the floor and can keep one occupied for a lifetime. It depends on the player though how much time he wants to invest in his dance skills.

At the end of the day Dance Central 2 is a wonderfully jaw dropping, adrenaline pumping experience which is sure to leave you with hours upon hours of serving up the platter with a variety of music and moves.