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Darksiders was a roaring success as it brought elements which were only available on other platforms and games (God of War + Devil May Cry + The Legend of Zelda) to the PC. It had a mix of hack and slash with action-adventure written all over it along with a tight storyline. Due to its great success developer Vigil Games and publisher THQ released its sequel called Darksiders II. The game featured Death one of the four horseman of the Apocalypse who is on a quest to clear his brother War’s name. It had role playing elements which brought a whole new world to the series. It received lots of appreciation and respect from critics and the fan community.

Brilliant and beautiful art style, role playing elements, immersive storyline:

The art style of the game stands out from its predecessor as it speaks of a culmination of beauty and brilliance. The storyline is really great and engaging but seems to fizzle out towards the end. There are the occasional glitches that stop the fun for a while and the not so impressive menus bring the experience down a notch or two. New role playing elements are a great addition to the series and give the player so much more to do.

Smooth frame-rate, normal graphics, unimpressive textures, good lighting:

The frame-rate of the game is very smooth and the action is non-stop. The player will face no issues related to the continuity of the game due to the graphics. The graphics are not rendered very well making character models a little on the shoddy side. Environments are pretty fantastic to look at but do not possess that sharp look. There are textures which could have been perfected but seem to be left midway which seems cheap. Lighting effects are placed very well throughout the game.


Solid soundtrack, lack of variety, great voice acting, nice sound effects:

Music contains some solid and impressive tracks but since they are over utilized throughout the game, they tend to lose their charm. There isn’t much variety to choose from which makes it boring after a while. Some soundtracks don’t match the scene which isn’t impressive at all. Sound effects are nice though and voice acting is lovely which brings the story alive.

Action is over the top, new playstyle, RPG elements are cool, lots to do:

The action is totally turned upside down within this game. Death is much faster and more agile compared to his brother War. He can move with deathly speed and slash his opponents in half before they realise what has happened. The RPG elements add to the fun and action as Death can wield a variety of weapons from light sharp scythes to heavy axes and hammers to smash his foes to bits. A lot of stress is laid on the fact of collecting new weapons and armour for a fleshier experience. Enemies can be a bit repetitive and the puzzles are challenging but tend to get boring after some time. There is a lot to do this time around and the adventure is very long, in fact too long which could be the game’s negative trait.

Our Verdict 

Darksiders II is definitely a worthy successor to the first game and does a great job at keeping the banner flying high. Its addition of RPG elements propels the genre into a better direction and gives the player a complete experience.


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