Zombie games are fast catching up with popular culture and are slowly leaving their bloody drooling mark over the entire scenario. The video game scene is crawling with games related to these blood thirsty, brain gorging, mindless beasts. Some of them have certainly created quite a buzz among the gaming community as some have just withered away. Now out of the depths of the gaming industry comes a game that is sure to shake the zombie apocalyptic scene called DayZ. Developed by Bohemia Interactive, the game is a multiplayer open world survival horror game which boasts of completely new features that will surely blow away the fans and gaming community. 

The idea behind DayZ came from an experience Dean Hall had while serving in the New Zealand Armed forces. As a part of a 30 day survival exercise he was dropped into the jungle where he learnt about each and every element related to survival. He thus implemented these elements into DayZ so that the player can go through the exact emotions and feelings that he had struggled through in the unforgiving forest. 

DayZ is an open world sandbox game that revolves around players controlling their characters through a vast area crawling with flesh eating zombies complete with its very own concrete jungle while trying to scavenge for food and other necessary items for survival. The game’s attraction is in the fact that it portrays the basics of staying alive in an apocalyptic world where the player is forced to fall back upon his primal need to struggle, hunt and survive out in the world alone. The game makes the player think and react with great precision in every situation. It forces the player to analyse the situation and according to the choices made, the experience can be rewarding as well as damning.

Weapons are strewn around and food comes in small quantities. The player has to be careful about his surroundings as it is brimming with zombies as well as other players who might just turn out to be potential dangers. Players have to take care of their diet and eat at a healthy rate lest they catch some diseases which would lead to their untimely demise. Survival horror has never been this real and Bohemia Interactive surely wants the player to feel the need to breathe air into his lungs.

 The beta gameplay allowed the developers to make several changes to the gameplay as they understood the difficulties that the players were facing and the amount of glitches that popped up from time to time. A big cog in the wheel popped up when WarZ was released. Some say that WarZ was a blatant rip off from DayZ while others argue that it DayZ acted as a source of inspiration for the game. The bottom line is that WarZ shut down soon after its release over Steam after the initial description was edited. Most of the players were offered refunds and formal apologies were issued leaving WarZ a complete failure.

DayZ is certainly going to change the way people treat zombie games as it will literally make people stand up and notice the distinct mechanics used within the game.