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The much awaited third instalment in the Diablo series called finally released in the year 2012 and with its release it created quite a stir. Developed and published by Blizzard entertainment, Diablo III set the standards for its series at a very high level placing it atop a pedestal for future generations to look up to. The game takes place in Sanctuary, a dark fantasy world of the Diablo series set around twenty years after the events in Diablo II. It has a great mix of dungeon crawling elements along with the hack and slash genre. The game opened with great enthusiasm and lived up to most of the expectation people had from it. It received positive reviews along with loads of appreciation from critics and fans alike.

Builds well on its predecessors, expert skill bar, multiplayer is easy but irritating:

The game builds well as regard to the series and does a good job of being a worthy successor. The story is quite normal but we could have expected a little more. Some of the options are not explained as well as they should have leaving the player groping in the dark. Playing multiplayer is fairly easy but remaining online can be frustrating. The addition of a new and improved skill bar was needed and the need has been fulfilled.

Visually very appealing, detailed characters, lovely environments, fantastic lighting:

Diablo III looks fantastic. The graphics are out of this world giving enemies who burst with goo and gore a charm of their own. Armour shines with superiority and the glint from weapons looks beautiful. Magical spells and fires have an odd sheen to them that make them stand out. Characters each possess a style of their own and are highly detailed. Environments are heavily detailed which put the fun back into exploring every nook and cranny. The lighting effects especially have been given a lot of thought and are placed really well all through the levels. Diablo III’s world makes grotesque look amazing and beauty look breathtaking.

Eerie soundtrack but not battle supported, great voice acting, nice sound effects:

The soundtrack is very ominous and eerie which keeps the player on a perpetual edge waiting for what lurks at the next corner though it isn’t very exciting to fight to that music. Sound effects are pretty cool with magical spells whizzing past and cold steel clanging against armour and enemies. Explosions rock the player’s screen with its massive sound effects. The voice acting is amazingly well done.

Gameplay bliss, combat is great, loot is massive, character customization is huge:

The gameplay is what takes the top spot here. Its combat system is highly fluid helping the player to move from one enemy to another without flinching. There are powerful abilities that are great to use along with the loot system that is highly rewarding and fulfilling. The repetitive nature of the game is hidden way below the massive gameplay options. High flexibility of the character customization is enjoyable. The locations vary in size and depth which make it a pleasure to discover new paths. Harder difficulty settings give the player a better challenge and the entire gameplay changes. The constant need for online gameplay is not very appealing for some. The weapon system isn’t really up to the mark as it flies in the face of traditional RPG logic.

Our Verdict 

Diablo III is definitely worth the wait and does a great job of keeping the banner flying high for games from the series.

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