Adrenaline pumping races, stunning visuals, fantastic multiplayer options, pyrotechnic bliss, and so much more lies embedded within this beautiful game called Dirt Showdown. Developed and published by Codemasters, Dirt Showdown puts the player into the driver’s seat as he whizzes past opponents in his snazzy machine over a course of multiple race tracks to fly to victory while being taken aback by the wonderfully crafted environments and visual effects. Showdown belongs to the Colin McRae Rally series, and certainly does its part to make a name for itself among the other racing giants in the gaming community, while earning loads of appreciation for its gameplay style.




The game reeks of the Codemasters franchise and can be easily recognized from far off. It has your typical Codemasters stamp on it and indeed boasts of high quality experience. The presentation is highly stylish and will definitely quench every player’s thirst.


Beautifully detailed environments bring to life the excitement and vigor that overflows from the stands as the player crashes into his opponents or sends shrapnel flying from his car. The lighting effects are amazing as each and every firework display lights up the screen as roads shimmer with glory. The cars are expertly crafted and include crisp and clear colors, which make the player feel he is behind the wheel of an actual car. Cabin views though are a miss here.


Engines roar with superb power and each turn leaves the player with tyres screeching with pleasure. The collision and crashing effects burst with enthusiasm as the player has a wicked grin on his face. The commentary though isn’t all that great and tends to be annoying rather than entertaining.


Dirt Showdown pits the player against AI and provides him with an opportunity to obliterate his opponents smashing them into oblivion to claim the trophy as he crosses the finish line. The gameplay is simplified this time around as it allows the player to make tight turns without suffering a huge penalty. The handling is wonderful and almost anyone can get around the mechanics that is sheer pleasure to maneuver. There is a certain balance that the player can easily master, in order to zoom past twists and twirls in the tracks. The game features a host of cars out of which only 8 of them can be plied on the track at a single time.


The multiplayer experience is truly rewarding and fulfilling as the player gets to race and smash his friend’s car right off the track. Showdown sells its multiplayer options to the player from the very beginning, and coxes him into getting into the arena to take on the best of the best. Players can also form teams for added excitement.


All in all Dirt: Showdown is a wonderful racing experience that keeps the player on his toes at all times. It is a permanent adrenaline boost as the player faces off with AI or his friends to pull crazy stunts, fly high in the air, maneuver around dangerous turns to stand tall and claim the win in the end. The only problem being that Showdown gets old too fast due to its limited tracks.