Published by Arkane Studios and developed by Bethesda Softworks, Dishonored is a blend of stealth, action and adventure video game. It lets players take control of Corvo, trusted advisor to the City of Dunwall and lethal bodygaurd who has been wrongfully blamed for the Empress’s murder and sets out to clear his name. Dishonored took the players on a fantastic journey where the world was populated with a idiosyncratic mix of stealth and combat. As Corvo the player had to make tough morality choices which had a solid impact on the overall gameplay. Dishonored enjoyed a lot of fan appreciation as well as positive reviews from critics.

Recently Bethesda Softworks released Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall which is a story based DLC. This time around the player is placed in the boots of the bad guy, Daud. As Daud the player ventures into the City of Dunwall and plays out his part of the story from that fateful day at the tower where the beloved queen was murdered. From here on in the player sets on a mission to unravel a mystery clued in to them by the Outsider.

Playing as Daud is very refreshing as his character has been given a voice allowing the player to connect with his monologues. Unlike Corvo who was silent and whose personality was shaped according to the choices the player made, Daud is a gruff speaking individual who is torn apart inside as he battles with feeling of guilt and remorse. Daud as a character is very impactful and will definitely grant a much more immersive tone to the game as compared to the original.

The visual impact of the game is beautiful and brilliantly created making the player believe that he is in a living and breathing city rife with politics and murderous intent. The action is stellar and on the go at all times. The player can once again choose to tread along two paths being lethal and non-lethal each providing the player with a unique set of skills to employ. He is also allowed access to new areas which include the Slaughterhouse which is known for its whaling tales and reeks of horrors that send chills down one’s spine. 

There are new features too that help the player to traverse the city of Dunwall without leaving a trace. New gadgets such as the mine that zaps any passersby and gas grenades are a welcome addition to the master assassin’s arsenal. A much more stiff competition is to be had this time at the hands of game’s difficulty settings as the player will have to be extra careful about how he approaches a task. Daud also has the ability to call upon an assassin in times of need which can be quite helpful as he will take most of the heat off the player. 

Dishonored displays a swell job of portraying the character of Daud while giving the player an absolutely unique feeling to the gameplay and imbibing movie like story line. It does justice to the DLC realm as it is a fun mix of exploration, action and stealth with a slight twist at the end while remaining true to the original gameplay.