Remember when we would start a game and be sent to the 2D grounds of hell on earth controlling one character shooting our way through several alien nightmares in Doom? Well one need not think back to the past as Activision along with id Software decided to restore that very memory with the latest instalment in the series called Doom 3. It was a roaring success captured most of the player’s hearts. So after eight years from that auspicious date, Bethesda Softworks though to do the unthinkable which is to club all the Doom games and expansions into one game with added features for the ultimate pack called Doom3: BFG edition where BFG stands for Big F****** Gun.

Doom is back with a bang and boy is it HUGE!!

What’s there to say besides the face that the BFG edition rocks. It has all the Doom games clubbed into one and has been fantastically presented. The original 2 Doom games with their expansions, Doom 3 with its expansion packs and a completely new expansion pack called “The Lost Mission” is added to this version. The features and interfaces have been sharpened so that it allows faster and smoother gameplay while ironing out all the glitches. The BFG edition is a pleasure to have around and even more of a pleasure to shoot through. This version has almost no problems and has come at a wonderful time to take up the mantle of the Doom franchise.

Visually brilliant to gaze at, The BFG edition heightens the overall look of the game:

The graphics have all been sharpened to perfection. Environments have a certain glaze over them that speak of the brilliance that has been added to the new version. Visual elements look stunning and the horrifying appeal is ever lasting due to the wonderful advancements that come along with the game. The graphical interface is enhanced to give the player that truly exciting and thrilling feeling.

Don’t scream too much or you might miss out on the silence hidden within the shrill screams:

What is horror without sound? Boring. And what is horror with extreme sound? Doom 3: BFG edition. The sound and audio quality has been bumped up several notches. The gruesome and shocking appeal is definitely increased with this edition. The hallways shriek with an eerie silence as you break into a sweat with scary noises coming from each corner. BFG edition has really done justice to the sound effects.

Get ready to get the scares of your life while you go on a frightening adventure:

The gameplay has been tweaked as to give the best experience to the player. New additions such as checkpoint saving systems support for 3D displays are a welcome addition. The ability to hold a flashlight along with a weapon provides some sort of relief in the dark catacombs of Doomspace. Action and horror are balanced while keeping the players constantly on their toes. Weapons go off with a bang and pack a solid punch into the gobs of your enemies. The player will feel triumphant at the end of each level and ready to face the onslaught of enemies in the next.

Doom 3: BFG edition certainly puts the fun back into the Doom universe and installs sheer magnificence along with and exciting experience within it. This is a worthy game for any player to own and add to their collection.