Late in the year 2011, Bethesda Softworks launched their fantasy game called Elder Scrolls V which blew through the roof and topped the charts with its fantastic and epic gameplay features and graphics. It is the fifth instalment in the popular Elder Scroll series yet carved out its own spot within the gaming community to win hearts. It won praise and respect from all corners of the community and racked up quite a collection of awards while doing so. After the whopping success rate it garnered, ZeniMax Online Studioes decided to launch an online version of the game published by Bethesda Softworks called Elder Scrolls Online.

Make no mistake about it; Elder Scrolls Online is no way near the series of Skyrim, Morrowind and Oblivion. In fact it is completely the opposite as it employs a completely different set of gameplay mechanics that are unique to the multiplayer realm. This does not mean that the game will be any less fun than its offline counterparts; it’s just that it will have its own distinct appeal. The story picks up from an Island in the vein of Morrowind where the player encounters NPCs complete with original dialogues and voice overs. The ambiance of the game is perfect and does not use cheap parlour tricks to hide behind rough textures or knock off area designs.

The beauty will captivate your senses and lull you to sleep with the melodious music that accompanies the player as he moves from place to place. The interface is much smoother as it follows the Oblivion display of health, magicka and stamina. For players interested in a more intricate display and interface, they can always use the ALT key. The story is amazing as each and every move the player makes has its various different kinds of consequences. The player is directly affected by the choices he makes and story progression can change depending on the path he chose to tread upon. Each choice makes the character feel important and actually makes his feel like he is making a difference.

The social element heavily impacts the gameplay as people the player chooses to save come back at later periods in time to his rescue. Different players can group together but the choices they make remain unique to each of them. Two or more players can raid camps, go hunt an orc or even cast spells that require two people to have double the fun. Sword play is more or less the same where players will feel each and every hit they land on their foes and every spell they deflect. Some areas the combat is a bit pesky as it requires the user to reach a certain level to allow weapon swapping. The best part is the first person perspective as most of the combat is featured in this mode.

Even though ZeniMax is taking a huge step with this game, it is sure to leave its mark on the gaming community. It will draw players back to the game to fulfil their quests and unlock every riddle there is to be had. Elder Scrolls Online will impress and take control of the player all the while rewarding them with some sweet and epic gameplay.