I started amassing game related collectibles and gaming oriented artefacts at a very young age. This hobby of collecting overtook every aspect of my life and ended up rewarding me more than I had imagined or expected. This urge is unending and constantly pushes me to work harder so that I can end up with the best collection possible. So whenever I come across an individual standing in a shop staring at a figurine neatly standing on a shelf I can instantly connect with the feeling.

Over the years of my gathering these prestigious collectibles I have come to understand certain things that should be kept in mind before picking through the vast amount of collectibles available to us. There are massive amounts of collectibles in the fantasy realm and within this fantasy realm there are tons of options that the fanboy can drool over. The key though is to direct and filter your want in a particular area or direction so as to not generalize your viewpoint. The more precise you are about the research you do and the choices you make, the better chances you have to gather the best collectible available on the market.


So in order to help every fanboy and fangirl out there I decided to make a list of points to be kept in mind before we leap on towards the inevitable.

  • SEARCH AND IDENTIFY: Before making decision on what collectible you want to gather, make sure to do as much as research you can about the figurine. Different articles have different prices depending on characteristics like levels of articulation, shape and size, colour and depth and so on.

  • CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY: The fantasy realm simply overflows with the amounts of options that are available to the fanboy. I tend to pick the realms that have a certain charm to them and are unique in the way they each portray their empires. Here are a few:

A: FINAL FANTASY: If you are a fan of PC video games and love to play video games you are sure to have come across the name Final Fantasy. This game has amassed massive fan following over the years and has some pretty neat collectibles to its name.
B: STAR WARS: May the force be with you if you already do not possess it. Star wars is an epic sci- fi fantasy realm that spans over generations of fanboys and certainly has an immense amount of super cool collectibles to behold.

C: LOTR: The Lord of the Rings has druids, knights in shining armour, Dark Lord, magic and a whole vast realm of supreme collectibles waiting to be acquired.

Apart from these there are many more realms waiting to be discovered if the player so wishes to do.

  • CLASS NOT CRASS: Lastly while picking out fantasy collectibles make sure to go for only the best. Do not fall for cheap imitations and only choose the best of the best. Maintain a budget but do not substitute quality for quantity when it comes to your collection.

Hopefully these tips can help you encounter the best of fantasy realms and get your claws on some fantabulous collectibles.