Every once in a while an FPS pops out of the woodwork to claim victory over our hearts as it amazes us with the fantastic graphics and splendid gameplay. Far Cry 3 certainly created a bang with its release and nobody had expected it to be so huge. It sent chills down every gamer’s spine as they traversed the harsh paths of the tropical rainforest that had dangers lurking around each and every corner. Far Cry 3 has mature undertones and dark themes wrapped among the bright and wonderful colours of the environment which force the player to think and manoeuvre around it.

As Jason Brody the player is thrown face first into the action while trying to claw his way out of the clutches of deadly pirates and the incredible dangers of the jungle. He loses his friends and family to a gang of ruthless and unforgiving pirates who hold them as hostages while threatening their survival at every minute. He has very little help at first but as he grows as a character among the shady trees and the deadly encounters his arsenal grows too. 

The player has to tread along the different paths of a vast island that is home to dangerous and beautiful animals and creatures. As he sneaks among the pirates that flood the island, he comes across settlers in danger who if he chooses to help will be rewarded with cash and other items. Among the flora and fauna that the island boasts of there are also structures and monuments that hold secrets related to the rich culture of the island.

The player has to always be on his toes not knowing what hazards and threats to expect while he tries to save himself from the prying jaws of a tiger, the slithering komodo dragons or cold steel whizzing past him. He has to collect plants and other fauna to help him create medicines and various other drugs that assist him in battling the relentless pirates. The game also allows the player to increase his skills and gain new talents which make life a bit easier on the island.

Apart from the protagonist the game also houses a nasty and beautifully created set of characters like Vaas and Hoyt who prove to be the epitome of villainy and evil. Throughout the game the player encounters Vaas and he tends to be a pointy thorn in the side of the player. There are occasional events in the narrative of the game which steal away the theme of immersion and make the player feel alienated from Jason Brody and his friends. This only seems to be a small roadblock in the story as it picks up when the player is thrust into enemy camps and volatile environments.

Far Cry 3 also uses the element of stealth quite neatly where it rewards the player for opting to choose the path of a silent killer or a ghost. Jason Brody grows to love the danger and devastation as his journey to liberty and freedom continues. Each and every character evolves into living breathing people and the player feels completely engrossed with the gameplay and emotions that flood the island.

Far Cry 3 is a wonderful experience and is sure to satisfy every person’s palette with rich flavours of dangers and exotic adventure.