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The Football Manager series allows the player to place himself into the boots of a manager for a top soccer team in order to lead them to victory and earn a name for himself while doing so. From developers Sports Interactive and publishers Sega comes with another great addition to the growing series of Football management called Football Manager 2012 or FM12. The series is all about evolution and over the years it has had some pretty neat advancement that have made the series reach the point it is at today. The game received positive reviews from critics and players alike for the many new elements it has added to the list of features it boasts off.

Best FM till date, new functions and features, smoother interface:

This is the best looking football manager yet as it has loads of new features that make gameplay and tactical advancement way smoother than before. The 3D graphical representation of the matches isn’t that impressive but it does the job. The layout along with a clear interface is highly adaptive and helps the player to get cosy with the game pretty soon. The functions work very which help the player to have more fun.

Minimal graphics, neat pitch representation, great interface:

The less said about FM12’s graphics, the better. Football Manager has never really been known for its astounding graphics or detailed characters because after all it is a simulation game. The pitch representation is normal and done neatly. The pitches now are adorned with a slight haze at both ends and the goalkeepers move with a little more smoothness. The game’s interface is crafted very well which is all that matters in the end as it is clear and crisp and easy to understand.

Boring and unimpressive audio elements and music:

Perhaps the weakest link in the game is the sound elements. There is nothing new on offer here and does nothing at all to impress the player. It’s better to play some music in the background than to be put through the awful game music and audio elements used within it.

New advancements, completely new features, new training mode, slight glitches:

There have been several advancements within the game that has increased the level of fun the player can have. New elements have been added onto the old features that make it feel fresh and give the player a much deeper experience. It becomes easier after a while to get grips on the whole playstyle and becomes much more enjoyable after that. There are significant changes to the transfer and contract systems. The player has the ability to turn leagues on or off if he wishes to do so. It also offers a friendly tutorial mode which can be of great help to new players to the series but it still can overwhelm them at times. FM12 suffers from its batch of glitches and problems that irritate the player ever so often but the new add-ons bring back the fun to the series. This is by far the best improvements FM has made in years.

Our Verdict 

For a great and immersive experience FM12 can hold the player’s attention and keep it there for hours. Its appeal is long lasting and certainly will impress newcomers and veterans alike. 

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