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The Forza Motorsport franchise has always pushed boundaries with its wonderfully beautiful graphics, refined gameplay mechanics and solid presentation. It has evolved over the years and has carved a niche for itself among the many racing games that flood the market. Late in the year 2011, developer Turn 10 Studios and publisher Microsoft Studios launched the fourth instalment in the Forza Motorsport series called Forza Motorsport 4. The latest game boasted of several new features within gameplay and menu style which were sure to blow the gaming community away. The game received universal acclaim from critics and players as they praised it for the advancements that had been to the overall experience of the racing game.

New refinement, new modes, new vehicles, detailed engines:

Loads of refinements this time around make this a worthy successor to the series though there is a familiar feeling when being played. New modes along with a variety of new vehicles and various other advancements make this an overall fantastic package that stands out. The detailed engine parts are something to die for as each and every little part is shown off with precision. It is definitely a beast in its class and is a joy to play through.

Brilliant graphical advancement, gorgeous lighting effects, wonderful environments:

The graphical advancements will put most of the racing games to shame as they have been various levels of details added to the overall look. The cars are astonishing to gaze at and their engine glimmer with brilliance. The wonderfully placed lighting effects send sparks flying every time the player decides to view these beautiful beasts. The environment has that glint in it that brings to life every little detail.

Cool soundtrack, rich and loud sound effects, high quality:

The sound quality is by far the best in the series. Its tone is rich and with every sound that is belted out by the superior engines, the player can literally feel the roaring of the cars. Its quality in the sound effects area are also very well maintained and upgraded to a certain level. The soundtrack aptly fits into the racing genre and gives the player a reason to kick-start the fun.

Tighter gameplay, challenging, new modes, feedback, only 5 new tracks, no weather changes:

The gameplay has become much tighter than before and controls are definitely sharper this time around. The best part is that it caters to drivers of all skills so anyone can pick it up and become a champion overnight. The new Rival modes and Autovista mode are worthy additions to the series. The new multi-class races are over the top and are bundled with a whole lot of fun. There is an option to receive immediate feedback of the player’s technique which encourages them to up the game. But there are only 5 new tracks been added to the roster. There aren’t really many weather changes and the absence of night racing steals a portion of the fun away.

Our Verdict 

Overall, Forza Motorsport 4 is a lovely and unique addition to the franchise and definitely does justice to the racing genre.

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