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When it comes to survival horror, the Resident Evil series takes the cake.  Undoubtedly, it was one of the first survival horror games that sent chills down players' spines as they fought their way through hordes of flesh eating zombies and horrific creatures. Developed by Capcom, the series has had a long run of successful games and movies until recently when they launched Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City along with developers Slant Six Games. Operation Racoon City is essentially centered around a bunch of paramilitaries who are in the Raccoon city during the zombie outbreak.


Typical zombie game representation looks jaded

The game looks and feels like your typical zombie game but misses out on the core components that make up this genre. The story is not creative and actually suffers from poor quality writing which makes it a dull experience. The characters lack personality which alienates the player from them. The set pieces are not impressive and the environments are not properly carved out leaving it with a bare feeling. 


Wonderful graphics are neat to look at but that’s about all they do:

The graphics are probably the only saving grace about this game as they are very well rendered. Each character is flawless and some familiar faces can be seen in Heroes mode. This is a refreshing break from the monotonous boring look of the game but isn’t enough to save it from the grave it has dug for itself.


Soundtrack fails to score a hit and sound effects though cool are misplaced:

The music score doesn’t really fit the run and gun mode and definitely does not do justice to the tone of the game. There are horrific moments but these fail due to the lack of audio appeal. Familiar Resident evil sounds like zombies roaring and giant horrifying creatures howling are really cool but are not placed well throughout the game, thus losing the effect they were supposed to have on the player.

Horrible gameplay mechanics bring the death to the un-dead:

The overall combat system is flawed which mostly kills the fun factor of the game. The cover system is finicky which is vital in a game like ORC. The player will often slip to a wall while trying to walk past it and as he leans to take a shot he automatically pops out of cover which is irritating. The shooting system is just normal as you don’t get much joy from it. Your enemies will suck up each bullet unwilling to fall to their deaths and stronger enemies will rip you to shreds. Finding and scavenging for bullets is a pain as the player will perpetually run low on ammo. Friendly AI is just dumb; in fact it’s an insult to even call them AI. The multiplayer options are fun to play through but are too short to make an impact.

Our Verdict

Raccoon City fails to impress and just doesn’t stand up to the series horrific appeal. The multiplayer option is cool but the gameplay sucks the fun out from it. The game will give you something to do but in the end will leave you with a hollow feeling.   


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