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Chaos and crime roam free in the streets of Liberty City in the newest instalment in the overly popular Grand Theft Auto series. Developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto IV is the high point in the entire series till date. In the latest instalment, the player controls Niko Belic who is a gun for hire and turns out to be one of the most likeable protagonists in the GTA franchise. The game has enjoyed major critical appreciation and achieved perfect scores over a host of gaming sites and communities making it a worthy game. Once again the player can wreak havoc in the streets while completing missions and making a name for himself in the filth ridden streets.


The city feels alive and bustling with activity where crime, grime and slime are a daily affair. Each character is properly fleshed out and the main protagonist is just brilliant. Amazing storyline is immersive and the best one yet. The soundtrack is amazing and brings out the best in Liberty City. Visually the game is amazing and will take your breath away. Controls are improved and a better cover system is fun to play with.


The level of detail throughout the massive city is absolutely amazing. Liberty city actually feels like a living breathing concrete jungle waiting for the player to explore and discover. Lighting effects along with character detail is perfect as each character is rendered with expert precision. Other visual elements such as buildings, metros, cars, explosions, smoke and so on are drawn to perfection leaving only a few issues here and there.


A well thought out soundtrack is added in which each song is aptly placed. Sirens wailing in the background, guns going off with a bang, explosions rocking the city are some of the fantastic sound effects that can be heard throughout the course of the game. The dialogues are delivered with brilliance as voice over artists do a fine job of portraying their characters.

Just Brilliant:

Liberty City is a pleasure to roam around and the amount of sights and sounds fill it with pure pleasure. The main protagonist is an amazing character and by far the best in the whole series. Other characters are wonderful to interact with and their missions are highly entertaining. The element of humour is alive within this game keeping it fresh and crisp. Controls are so much smoother as players will have no issues doing a 360 in seconds. The cover and targeting system are excellent this time around which make firefights a genuine pleasure. The story is the strong point as it truly is an immersive experience as characters grow with you. There are the occasional problems with friendly AI and some minor visual issues but do not stand up to the brilliance of the game. Multiplayer is wicked fun allowing 16 players to wreak havoc over the city and its inhabitants. 

Our Verdict 

Grand Theft Auto IV is a truly breathtaking experience and delivers brilliance in every aspect and field. If you haven’t played it yet, you’re committing a sin. So go out there and get to taking over the streets of Liberty City.


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