Half life 2 Half Life 2                          

Half life changed the way everyone looked at gaming as a platform to transform their worlds into alien breeding grounds. There was only one man ‘Gordon Freeman’ specifically who could save the day. This gave players a chance to hone and develop their skills at whacking away pesky headcrabs with their trustworthy crowbar. And it was a spectacular experience being able to crawl through tight spaces and well designed vents to come out blasting through at the end. Now increase that experience by tenfold and you have Half Life 2. I was highly excited as the whole world was when they heard that Gordon Freeman was being freed from stasis to battle some more alien ugliness.

Half Life 2 as one need not mention came packed with all sorts of goodness that defined it becoming ‘Game of the year’ over 50 different set of times. It won a barrage of awards and set in motion the first person genre that is today taking over popular culture and defining how it will evolve over the years. I know for a fact that there are crazy fanboys along with me out there who believe that Half Life 2 is the best PC video game to ever hit our screens. Till this date my faith remains unshaken in the brilliance that is Half Life 2. Here are a few reasons why.

VISUAL APPEALING: Half Life 2 took graphics to a whole new level and transformed shafts and vents into real detailed tight suffocating spaces. The crowbar gleamed with beauty as I bashed in the heads of my enemies and the stars shone down upon the defeated and dismembered bodies of my opponents. Of course the tip of the iceberg was the beautifully designed Miss Alyx Vance herself who till this date rules the realm of my heart.

ELEMENTAL EXPERTISE: It took several elements such as suspense, comedy, thrilling action, sense of dread and horror and dispersed it into the air above City 17. I was constantly hankering for open spaces to get a hold of fresh air as the game sent me down a rollercoaster of emotions that warped over time.

PHYSICS WRAPPED UP IN PUZZLES: The player constantly felt challenged with the various and varied amounts of puzzles subtly thrown in his direction. It was overwhelmingly exciting to come out from one puzzle unharmed and attempt the next one without skipping a heartbeat.

SILENCE IS GOLDEN: Gordon’s tongue was tied yet again and the player never felt the need to speak as the bombardment of emotions that he was given to feel were enough to connect with the character himself. Apart from the silence the game incorporates some stunning music and soundtrack.

ACTION+ACTION= MORE ACTION: There was never a dull moment in Half life 2 as the player was constantly kept on his toes thinking, observing, calculating, deciphering his next move so as to not mess up and lie in a pool of his own blood and doom humankind to destruction and demolition.

These are just a few points that drew me towards Half Life 2 and impaled me to the gameplay. In fact I am ready to pick up my shiny crowbar at the mere mention of Half Life 2 and its geeky yet astonishing protagonist Gordon Freeman.