city of heros

I have always wanted to don a cape and cowl so that I can wander the streets at night or day fighting crime that spreads rampantly in my city, but there are a few things that hold me back. One being money as I am not Bruce Wayne who owns Wayne enterprises and has a barrage of gadgets up his sleeve and neither am I Clark Kent who has the ability to reverse time and shoot lasers out of his eyes and save the day using his super powers. So imagine the joy I felt when I heard about a PC video game that lets you dress up as a crime fighter and wander streets to jump from building to building to kick crime in its ugly face. That game was City of Heroes.

City of Heroes produced by Paragon Studios allowed the player to don a costume to fight crime through which he could earn a name for himself and forever be inducted into the annals of super hero awesomeness. It gave the player full freedom to battle injustice with super powers that he chose from a wide variety of categories. The player could level up and gain new powers along the way and garner new rewards in the form of points that he could spend to increase his gaming experience.

This wonderful game opened up a whole new doorway to me where I could dress up in the wackiest of outfits and roam the filth filled streets to rid it of the slime, grime and crime amassed within it. It allowed me to hone my superpowers to the best possible level I could and become a true powerhouse able to move mountains with a single stroke. I finally got the recognition I deserved as I flew by other fellow teammates waving to them and helping them on their daily tasks. From time to time I could team up with a few other super heroes like myself and take on powerful enemies to overcome insurmountable tasks.

A while later to my surprise Paragon Studios launched City of Villains that could be clubbed with the original game and place in my hand the power of evil and destruction. I could now think of dastardly acts to commit and villainous crimes to perform on the city of Paragon. This further amplified my love for the game as I got addicted to it. Now imagine my grief when I heard about Paragon Studios wanting to shut the servers down. I broke down and cried like a baby but realised that all good things must come to a respectable end before they get stale and die out a distasteful death.

I packed my bags and decided to leave Paragon city and accepted that I had done enough for the populous. I realised that City of Heroes would not die but would forever live in my heart and in the hearts of the many other super heroes like me who would miss it but be proud to be a part of such magnificence. Rest in peace my friend.