Superhero video games are rare occurrences especially when it comes to fighting games even though they have taken over most of the popular culture. Marvel heroes have got their little stint of fame when they collided with the street of fighters in Marvel vs. Capcom but what about the DC counterparts? Well after a long gruelling wait fans finally will get to control their favourite DC heroes and villains in Injustice: Gods Among Us developed by NetherRealm Studios, the same studio that brought us Mortal Kombat.

All eyes were plastered on Injustice: Gods Among Us when it was released as players had high expectations from it. Luckily for NetherRealm Studios the game performed pretty well on an overall basis falling short only in minor areas. The game is set in the fictional universe of DC Comics and includes a fantastic roster with a wonderful assortment of superheroes and super-villains.

The world is brilliantly built featuring popular regions and areas from the DC universe and these areas can become a big part of the gameplay style the player wishes to use. The environments are breakable and certain objects can be used against your opponent making it even more fun. Some fans may even spot areas that are a nod to the Batman Arkham series games which are beautifully placed into the game. Injustice: Gods Among Us has a powerful story that features Superman losing faith in humanity and deciding to enslave it. The pure beauty of the writing will immerse the player deep into the fighting universe enslaving and hypnotizing their thoughts and emotions.

An impressive roster means that the player can choose to select his favourite superhero to lay waste to his opponent. Destructible environments and mid-battle arena changes are a cool effect but often break down due to jerky or broken visual effects. This only proves to be a small pebble in the way to achieve victory. Injustice: Gods Among Us has set its sights so high that when it goofs up the player may feel a little bit of regret. The graphics are amazing as the universe of DC sparkles and shines with perfection. Some character models though are a bit unimpressive like Wonder Woman who due to her bulging physique looks like a man rather than a queen.

The action portrayed in the game is over the top with Superman walloping the life out of his opponents sky-high literally and Batman knocking the snot out of his enemies with his famous Batmobile. The finishers this time round are great as each hero or villain has glorious and epic finishers which obliterate the opponent.

Now for the Collector’s edition. This edition has many new goodies and add-ons that increase the fun by tenfold. It has the game disc along with an exclusive DC collectible statue feturing Batman and Wonder Woman. It also has a first print issue of Injustice: Gods Among Us DC comic series and three exclusive skins based on Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman from the DC Comics: The New 52. Players better hurry to grab this edition as there are limited in number.

Apart from a few choppy cutscenes, a bit of character modelling issues and the balance of the game sometimes going awry, the game is a wonderful fighting experience that lets you play out an epic story and battle at the end of the day.