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Visiting Disneyland has been a dream for some and an obsession with others. It’s a magical place that offers loads of fun and entertainment to visitors and keeps them occupied for hours upon hours. But not everyone can afford to travel to this enthralling place to take part in the fun. Developer Frontier Developments and Cobra Inc. along with publishers Microsoft Studios came up with an ingenious idea. They decided to bring Disneyland to the comfort of the player’s home with Kinect Disneyland Adventures. The game recreated a large amount of Disneyland theme park replacing some of the rides with games for the Xbox Kinect platform.

Wonderful recreation of Disneyland gives the player a rich experience:

The game recreates the magic and mystifying beauty present within Disneyland theme park to give the player a truly unforgettable experience. Loaded with lots of fun stuff to do and theme styled games to play, the game provides the player with that wonderful amusement park feeling. There are also lots of Disney characters that the player can meet, help and hug too. The essence of the rides is captured within the many attractions the park has to offer.

Excellent graphics and visual elements do justice to Disneyland:

The world is crafted with extreme finesse which brings alive the magic that is wrapped in Disneyland. Character models look fantastic and each of them has their own unique charm added to them. Sheer vibrancy can be seen in the lighting effects that envelope the world letting it shine with brilliance. The whole environment speaks of true wonders when the player seeks out fun and thrills within it.

Magical sounds mixed with sights bring forth a lovely experience:

The audio elements included within the game are spectacular and burst with ripe goodness. A melodious soundtrack is soothing to listen to and adds to the magical element of the world. Each and every Disney character is been voiced to perfection by their respective voice artists. The PA system plays the actual music from the park which is extremely exciting.

Ride-themed mini games are a pleasure apart from the occasional unresponsive controls:

The player is put into the shoes of a child otherwise how else would you truly understand the magic of Disneyland? No long lines or virtual parents to guide you as the player takes his baby steps into this mystical realm. He then takes on an avatar and proceeds to meet his favourite Disney characters who he can interact with and help them too. There are a host of ride-themed mini games that are truly a pleasure to play through. Players can give hugs, dance with the characters and collect autographs too. Interestingly it has a Co-op mode, wherein a friend can join in on the fun and make the experience even more remarkable. Sometimes the unresponsive controls can become a bit painful as they become a thorn in one’s side. In these scenarios the voice controls can come in very handy.

Our Verdict

Kinect Disneyland Adventures offers an enthralling experience and it is a sheer pleasure to play. The young ones would love it as they set off on an adventure to meet their Disney friends to help and hug them. 

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