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The Microsoft Kinect motion senser gaming technology for the Xbox 360 console has got a lot of games backing it but few actually use its potential to the maximum. Kinect Sports for example is a game that utilizes the Kinect technology completely to its advantage and sets the entire gameplay mechanics related to the motion sensing technology. Developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Game studios, the game has a collection of six sports simulations, sixteen mini games which are designed to show off the technological prowess of the Kinect. Kinect Sports received more or less positive reviews from critics and gaming communities for accurately utilizing the true potential of the Kinect.

Smart interface, new games, Kinect is cool, appeals to younger audience :

The interface is slick and smooth and navigating through it can be a breeze. But if the user is utilizing the motion controls, navigation through menus can take a little time to getting used to. Visually it’s simple and appealing while proving to be just the right amount of challenge for the players. It has a very wide appeal for younger audience though adults will enjoy themselves too. Controls are very responsive which makes it a delight since it is a Kinect game. There are lots of activities and games to play with.

Visually very simple and vibrant though not to everyone’s liking, Avatars can be used too:

Surprisingly for a motion sensing and controlled game, Kinect Sports is very vibrant in the graphical area of the game. Lovely hues, sharp tones and bright colours fill the screen and give the game a plastic look which for some might not be too appealing. The addition of using Avatars is great as the player can see his Avatar having fun on the courts. Avatars can be fully customizable right down to the clothes.

Fun and crisp sounds along with a entertaining soundtrack lineup:

The sounds fit very well with the overall gameplay and environments. The announcers tend to be over the top but the licensed soundtracks are so cool to jive to while keeping the mood fun and full of excitement. Sound effects such as spiking volleyballs or smashing the ping pong ball are excellent to listen to.

Loads of events, sharp & responsive controls, great multiplayer:

Kinect Sports is the perfect game to showcase the ability of the Kinect as it uses its abilities to the max. Control schemes are highly responsive while being extremely sharp for better gameplay. At times the player has to exaggerate his movements in order for them to be recognised by the game. There is a cool variety of sporting events that the player can take part in and enjoy themselves while they are at it. The multiplayer part of the game is really cool to play through as it works well both locally as well as online. It does however fall short as it does not cater to single players which can be a little frustrating.

With the wide variety of games and events featured within Kinect Sports, the player will never feel a need to look for something else. Great motion controls multiply the fun element and give the player a truly terrific experience.


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