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With all the success the Star Wars franchise has had, one would think that nothing could go wrong for them. Whether it be in movies, games or any other form of popular culture, Star Wars has gained massive respect and popularity due to the brilliance it has brought in every single field. But that streak is about to break. Developed by Terminal Reality and published by LucasArts, Kinect Star Wars takes the franchise and puts a horrible spell on top of it out of which it may never recover. The game is based on the Kinect feature of the Xbox 360 and uses motion control technology for added gameplay experience. The game received weak reviews from most of the critics where they complained about a weak story, shoddy gameplay and inaccurate controls.

Nice menus, ok campaign, minimal story, bugs, lag issues:

The menus representation is great and the way they are given context is amazingly fresh. The story has two sides to it where it is minimal in the campaign mode but could have used a little bit of better writing. There is a new dancing mode which would delight some fans while may raise eyebrows too. Combat is way weaker and the irresponsive controls at times can become a real pain in the neck. The Kinect hasn’t been used to its advantage and the attempt to use it has fallen flat.

Bad graphics, slow frame rate, texture pop-ins:

This game needs a lot of polish. One can simply tell that the developers did not put in enough time and effort to iron out all the little kinks that hamper the fun factor of the game. Character models seem to be nicely rendered but the occasion when broken animation appears, it steals the fun. The frame rate suffers from constant lagging and drop rates which slow the whole game down. There is sudden texture pop-ins which does not look professional at all. This just show how much heart this game doesn’t possess when it comes to graphical advancement.

Excellent soundtrack, bad voice acting:

At least something goes well in this game and that’s the sound part but it still has its irregularities. The soundtrack is amazing as everyone is familiar with that great tone that comes attached to the Star Wars franchise. The voice acting is some cases are not up to mark like in the case of Yoda or C-3PO who do not sound like their counterparts at all. The sound also tends to clip at certain times in the game which once again just feels horrible.

Ok gameplay, dance mode is silly but fun, podracing is nice, other modes are forgettable:

The gameplay is a huge letdown. The pod racing part of the game is wicked fun and the dance scenes are a bit cheesy but give the game a overall comical feel. The dance mode can be funny and silly yet exciting. Apart from these modes, most of the other suffer from some problem or the other or are just plain too boring to even mention. They do not leave a mark on the player and are easily forgettable. The force part is just plain disappointing. Combat is sluggish and this brings gameplay mechanics down to its knees.

Our Verdict 

Kinect Star Wars had so much potential but unfortunately failed to impress on all grounds.

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