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There are many great role-playing games out there in the gaming world that shine bright mostly due to their fantastic settings intriguing story elements and gorgeous gameplay but none really talk about action. There is one such game where fantasy and role-playing elements come alive with sweet solid action paired along with it called Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The game is developed by Big Huge Games and 38 Studios who together with Electronic arts published it too. It has a lovely story which is riddled with action and superior quality visuals. Along with all this it also received critical appreciation and respect from gaming communities along with a near perfect score.

Magnificent story often a bit complex, lovely world, impressive action and lasting appeal:

The world of Amalur is impressive and boasts of a very impressive and immersive story that is sure to keep the players hooked to it. The world is fantastic and massive in size with details giving it realism. The action is over the top and gives the user an opportunity to lash out against his enemies in a glorious and epic battle every single time. It has tons of options and loads of stuff to do in the world which will keep the eager player glued to his screen for days on end.

Beautiful and alive world, shoddy character models, bad lip-synching:

Amalur is rife with beauty wherever the player may step foot in it. Massive landscapes and dark caves just bring to mind the brilliance of detail that has been used within the game. Lighting effects bring out the stark differences between well lit environments and dungy and gloomy areas. Visuals are up to the mark excepting the character models which could have certainly used some more polish. Lip-synching is way off during dialogue sequences which is such a shame.

Nothing out of the ordinary regarding music but voice acting is superb:

Music is one of the low points of the game as it comes in small doses. Other audio elements such as swords clashing, enemies and creatures being slayed are well executed. Voice acting is by far the best thing in the sound related area as they are brilliant. The game is filled with many dialogues and each of them is executed with extreme finesse.

Solid combat accompanied by a bag full of things to do:

The gameplay is the best and most unique part of the game where action takes the foreground. Combat is absolutely top-notch and packs a serious punch in the gob of the enemies. It will suck you in as you battle through hordes of creatures to slay every last one of them with your skills and expertise. Character development and advancement has been given a lot of freedom so that the player can mould his character to his wishes and make him an unbeatable force. Some of the creatures are really captivating as they send shivers down your spine and the world is populated with several of them. The player will have a ball of a time discovering new things to do as Amalur simply has so much to offer. Quests at time become a bit generic which stop fun in its tracks.

Our Verdict

Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning is surely bliss packaged into a massive world for the player to explore and kick some creature butt. The lovely story and stunning visuals accompany the brutal yet rewarding combat system to give the player an unforgiving experience.

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