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Guess which is the latest addition to the Lego World? Lego Batman: The Videogame. That’s right; the caped crusader gets a Lego world to fight injustice while kicking tons of Lego butt. Published by Warner Bros. and developed by Traveller’s Tales, the game puts the player into Batman’s boots to traverse through Gotham City built entirely from Lego blocks. Lush with a whole city of villains, Batman has to save the day while being occasionally accompanied by his sidekick Robin. The game received a lot of positive reviews praising it for its unique gameplay and superior take on the dark knight’s universe.

Batman’s world is fun to play through from a Lego perspective:

Playing as Batman provides the player with an invigorating feeling while driving around beating baddies as they fall to pieces (Since they are made out of Lego). The city is fully functional and villains spread havoc only to be taken down by the player. Co-op is fun to play through but lack of online can be a letdown.

Wonderfully environments come alive as Batman glides through them:

The fantastic TTT Fusion LEGO engine is put to use which has a major impact on the overall look of the entire game. The environments this time round are much bigger and better in comparison to previous Lego titles giving the game a bit of girth. Lighting effects are spectacular as Lego Gotham shines with villainous intent. Characters are simple and each of them fit perfectly within the massive city bustling with crime.

Classic soundtrack is fun to hear and audio elements are cool:

The best part about the game is that Danny Elfman’s score from the first movie is played throughout the game which fills the player with a sense of nostalgia. Other sound effects such as sirens wailing in the distance, Joker’s menacing laugh and others are perfectly crafted and placed within the game for a great experience.

Well thought-out features give it massive re-playability and lasting appeal:

The gameplay seems way too similar as combat and other tasks are reflections of the past Lego games but there are some unique combat features that set it apart. Batman’s cool gadgets are fun to play around with. Loads of unlockables will keep the player busy at all times trying to search under each block for the next achievement. The friendly AI is a bit appalling at times while co-op with a friend is highly rewarding. Humour has been toned down which was a critical element in the Lego universe. Vehicle sections slow the game’s momentum down.

The amounts of puzzles which are tough at times are often baffling and eat away at the player’s brain. Co-op is offline only which once again seems like a waste. There are loads of characters from the Batman universe. Playing as villains is extremely thrilling as you knock the snot out of other players.

Our Verdict

Lego Batman: The Videogame is fresh take on the whole Dark knight lore and can be extremely entertaining at times. It is definitely a worthy addition to the Lego universe and is sure to charm nearly anyone who comes across it.


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