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Joining the ranks of series like Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Batman in the Lego universe comes another very popular series namely Harry Potter. Developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Warner Bros. Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 brings the world of magic alive on the player’s screen in Lego format where everything is made out of Lego blocks. The story of the game is based on the first four films in the Harry Potter series and performs to everyone’s expectations. The game received positive reviews from critics as well as fans and also got rated pretty high.

Story is fun, new things to do, lots of comedy, stuff to learn, not challenging enough:

The story of the game draws the player in and gives them a highly immersive experience. Gameplay has changed heavily as there is a lot of emphasis on casting spells. There are a lot of comedic cutscenes and make the fun an exciting playthrough. The school ghosts are the doorways to quests within the Lego Harry Potter world. Items that would require interaction glow with a bright aura to make it easier to spot. There is a lot of new stuff to learn but it isn’t really tough so won’t be a huge challenge.

Beautiful environments, lovely character models, great lighting effects:

Environments are very neat and shine with brilliance as Hogwarts walls come alive even though they are made entirely out of Lego blocks. Character models are cute and detailed which gives the game an added sense of charm. The cutscenes are very well rendered making it a pleasure to sit through them as they each win your heart over. Lighting effects are also done with precision as to give the perfect balance of light and dark within the magical game.

Potter soundtrack, Lego sound effects:

The soundtrack is what everyone would expect it to be taken from the popular series movies which are a delight to hear. The Lego grunts and blocks breaking are all present within the game and are placed properly. Sound on the whole is done pretty well with perfection.

Lots of stuff to do, great story, magic is nice to cast, bugs can be a problem:

The gameplay is extremely funny as well as charming as you blast your way through the countless enemies with your magic wand. Combat requires the player to use magical spells which is a neat addition. Most of the combat is downplayed giving importance to the player collecting coins. Hogwart’s walls are rife with secret stairs, corners and hidden doorways for the player to explore which will keep them occupied. The targeting system is a bit frustrating at times as it can get inconsistent. Random encounters with bugs can become a hindrance at times. Magical spells are a welcome addition as they offer variety to the normal beat and collect coins method. Its lasting appeal is very high as there is so much to do here. Collect coins, collecting bricks, unlocking characters, exploring secrets and so much more will keep the player occupied for hours.

Our Verdict 

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 is a great game that builds on the Lego mechanics used in the previous games and takes it to a new high. It is a definitely a fun experience and is sure to impress one and all.

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