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“Ahoy me maties, it’s me Captain Jack Sparrow ready to break some legos and collect some studs for a change.” That’s correct! Lego has finally invaded the ever so popular series of Pirates of the Caribbean. Developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Disney Interactive Studios, the game takes the player on a swashbuckling adventure where they step into the boots of the notorious yet lovable character Captain Jack Sparrow himself. The game revolves around the basic storyline of the Pirates of the Caribbean universe and does it with some class as to set the right tone and mood to the overall gameplay. The game received normal reviews from critics and gamers but was not really overjoyed with this addition to the series.

Great storyline, cool adaptation, bugs get irritating:

The developers have done a swell job of incorporating the entire Pirates of the Caribbean world into the vast Lego world. The story element has been adapted from the series itself and does a neat job of portraying each character with their charm and exciting personality that they all capture. The POTC world does feel alive at times but in this particular version there are far too many little bugs here and there that spoil the continuity of the fun that Lego games are known for.

Nothing new, lovely backgrounds, good lighting effects:

It’s nothing over the top and that’s for sure. The world does have its share of charm and humour that is filled in every now and then by the breakable environments and plenty of studs that lie around for the player to collect. The backgrounds are lovely in their own little way and capture the player’s attention quite easily. Lighting effects make up for most of the flaws as the studs sparkle which make the player run towards them in a frantic hurry to collect. Other visual elements like character models are not that impressive but will do.

Hans Zimmer: ‘Nuff said’:

Hans Zimmer is here baby and perhaps this is what all that matters to some. It is so great to listen to the background music and soundtrack as it oozes perfection from every pore. The sound effects and voices are minimalistic but that’s a good thing as it would only ruin the scene and overall tone if there was too much of chatter and clanging.

No online?? How sad, addictive, lasting appeal, puzzles are difficult:

No online play which makes it miss out on so much. The gameplay is still very addictive as the player will want to unlock every know character and go for another spin throughout the game collecting those shiny studs. There are a lot of silly touches throughout the game which will really leave the player in giggles of excitement. Puzzle solving is fine but with the perpetual spawning enemies it becomes a real chore. The poor visual cues lead to the player roaming aimlessly and it becomes quite frustrating after some time. 


Our Verdict 

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean does a fine job of portraying the popular franchise but it certainly could have done a better job at improving the overall appeal.

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