The Star Wars saga got a quirky remake in the form of building blocks known as Lego. Lego Star Wars has many games under its belt and has also gathered loads of critical appreciation and fan respect. Among these is Lego Star Wars III: Clone Wars. This game was published by LucasArts and TT Games and is a wonderful take on the Star Wars universe and a lovely addition to the Lego game series. Clone Wars features characters and story elements from the Star Wars lore which are wonderfully drawn out in order to give the player a rich experience. There is a multiplayer option which adds to the fun and gives the player a fuller experience. 



Interesting hub world makes for great fun but for a short while looking really impressive all round:

Star Wars universe is very well created using the quirky lego building blocks which give that element of fun and remove any dramatic tone from the game. The hub world is an interesting place where the player gets to unlock characters from the movie. The drop in and drop out features are a welcome and interesting feature added to the game. Lego designs have an odd sense of beauty which speaks of bold artistry.

Visually very strong standing apart from its predecessors, the game has an odd sense of charm attached to it:

The 3DS as well as the PSP versions look splendid in comparison to other platforms. Animations and character models are extremely smooth which make the player glide through the levels. Lighting speaks for itself as environments sparkle with perfection. The design and visual elements are utilized very well leaving no room for mistakes.

Really wonderful sound effects mixed with splendid audio elements give the game a lovely ambience:

Sound effects are cool as light sabers clash and laser guns shoot mini lasers which whiz past at a deadly speed. Music suits the action and environments which does not feel forced in any way. Unsurprisingly the music and audio effects are impressive giving the game a unique and fulfilling experience.

No major changes in gameplay, rather a set of frustrating problems:

The platforming this time round is not that impressive and does not meet the player’s expectations. From all its predecessors it would seem, this is the worst instalment when it comes to gameplay elements. Lack of objectives and clear instructions make the player run around in circles. Enemies can become frustrating rather than fun as the player battles through a whole army who re-spawn from time to time. Control issues also are laden with problems which affect the overall gameplay mechanics. The addition of space combat is welcome but can become confining at certain points. Teaming up with a friend to fight and blast through levels can be extreme fun but the absence of online options suck out some of the fun. Levels look similar and are repetitive along with combat which is not up to the mark.

Clone Wars does a good job in recreating the space world in a wacky way but clunky controls and problematic issues steal away some of the fun. Even though there is a lot to do, the player may feel alienated due to the mediocre combat.