Mad Dog McCree was the roughest, toughest son of a gun this side of the west, well back in the 90’s anyway. He plagued all our lives and most of our childhood as we ran to video game parlours spending our quarters to get a crack at this ruthless criminal. And when we finally spent half our life’s fortune defeating him, Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold was released to take care of the other half of our money. It provided us hours of entertainment and apart from being an extreme pain in the neck also proved to be a solid challenge for most of us gamers.

So when PlayStation network announced that they were bringing back Ol’ Mad Dog McCree to life, imagine the excitement that ran through several player’s minds. The PSN (PlayStation Network) has decided to re-launch and revive Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold for the current generation of console by adding a few tweaks that are going to improve the overall status of the game for adding tons of enjoyment for the player.

Firstly the game has got a full HD re-mastered edition which features better and sleeker graphics along with a smoother interface. The original quality has been bumped up quite a few notches as to do away with any kind of rough textures and terrains and given it a makeover of 720p. Secondly there is a completely new and fresh interface provided to the game which gives it that truly western feeling to the player as he traverses down the path of justice. The all new interface has sharp features that give the game a better realistic feel to it along with the rustic quality that everyone looks for in classic games.

The difficulty modes now come equipped with harder levels which will give any young buck and seasoned veteran alike a chance to test his mettle against the unending barrage of baddies. The search for Mad Dog will become a brutal challenge and a rewarding one for whoever dares take up the mantle. Players now have a chance to post their high scores up on leader boards so as to boast about their gun totting skills and prove to everyone who the fastest one there is this side of town. Apart from high scores there are also several trophies that have been added to the game for added excitement.

Players can spend most of their waking hours trying to unlock trophies and overthrowing top scores in this new version. The controls this time around are wound up to perfection so that the player can pull off some crazy moves and impress one and all. One of the most amazing features added to this game is the multiplayer option which allows players to invite friends online to join in on the fun. Gamers can posse up in order to take down merciless Mad Dog McCree and his band of misfits to earn themselves some medals to their names.

Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold is sure to please amateurs and professionals alike as they are transported back to the West in this lovely classic game re-mastered for all of us.