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The Wii console finally gets its taste of some speed wrapped up with solid fun in Mario Kart Wii. Developed by Nintendo EAD Group No.1 and published by Nintendo, the game is the sixth instalment in the series and the second title to use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Along with the ride are wacky tracks, crazy popular racers and super weapons which come alive on the player’s screen while he controls everything with his Wii controller. The game comes packaged with the Wii Wheel accessory so as to increase the gameplay experience and excitement. The game garnered lots of positive reviews from all over while not being revolutionary but aptly making full use of the online capability of the system.

IR supported menus, Wii’s functionality comes to light, great console kart racing game:

Menus are supported by IR (Infra-Red) which makes it easier to handle. It’s fantastic use of the Wii console and controller is great way to attract causal players. It fully utilizes the Wii’s functionality while showing off the power of the console. It’s another entertaining and pleasing mascot racing game which will surely impress the player. It must be said that it is genuinely one of the best console Kart racing games in years.

Polished graphics, great character models, nice retro worlds:

Graphics are not perfect but they do a super job at wooing and charming the crowd of players out there. They have been heavily polished so as to remove any kind of bugs that might appear to pop out of nowhere. True 16:9 screen ratio is met with 480p which is pretty good for a game of this potential. The character models are drawn out with precision giving them their own unique personality. There are various track designs each possessing great details. The retro worlds are especially nice to look at. It runs at a consistent 60 frames.

Wii-mote is helpful, soundtrack is normal, normal sound effects, VO’s are irritating:

Surprisingly the Wii-mote speaker is very helpful and can help players to have a smoother experience than before. The music and soundtrack is classic Kart game style without any new features. Sound effects are also done in a normal way with no real emphasis provided to any one effect. The character voice-overs are really irritating at times and will frustrate the player.

Core gameplay rocks, tricking is cool fun, Bikes are bliss, levels are awesome:

The gameplay is great and will provide lots and lots of entertainment to the player. The whole element of tricking is super fun and highly addictive which helps the player to enjoy himself almost double the amount. The inclusion of bikes within the game is a unique feature never done before so it’s fun to control a bike that your normal karts. There are a huge number of well drawn out levels which are some of the series most imaginative yet but the classic courses tend to be boring. The online gameplay is especially rewarding and integrated within the game. Players of any skill level can jump in without worrying about learning curve.

Our Verdict 

Mario Kart Wii is definitely a great Kart game and perhaps a stellar one for the Wii. It might not be legendary but certainly grows on you and provides you with a wonderful karting experience.


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