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Mario has come a long way since his days of being a plumber who cleaned our sewers of deadly plants and pesky ducks. He has taken over most of the genres available in the gaming community and has his very own set of games that come out on top most of the time. In the year 2012, developers Nd Cube and publishers Nintendo released their newest endeavour in the long running Mario Party series called Mario Party 9. The game features two to four players moving around on a virtual board while collecting mini-stars while avoiding certain areas. It received mostly positive reviews but overall the scores were on the lower side.

Predictable gameplay with new additions:

It’s a cheerful and enjoyable addition to the series but at times becomes predictable and the gameplay feels way too familiar. It’s the first in the series that actually feels complete and not just another low budget cash-in. The graphics are pretty neat on an overall basis. There are tons of new gameplay elements as well as new variety of mini-games that will keep the players occupied for hours.

Beautifully created with top end graphics and visual elements:

The graphical representation of the game is top notch as each visual is crafted with finesse. The art style is stupendous and the character models are well rendered. Lighting effects are well placed throughout the world to give it that neat and pristine look. The mini games have a lot of variety in them and so each of them possess cool details which make them stand apart from each other. Environments are well crafted so as to portray them in the best possible light.

Sounds are minimal and familiar:

There isn’t much to say about the sounds in the game as they are cool but nothing to write home about. The character voices are normal but other sound effects such as the dice rolling is top notch and fits into the theme of the party world perfectly. The soundtrack is your average Mario party theme and doesn’t really do much to stand out.

Best in the series but suffers from familiarity:

To be fair Mario Party 9 is the best game in the series. It has certainly evolved over the years and has come to learn from its mistakes but still goofs up at times. The multiplayer action is real fun to play as you can enjoy yourself with friends by your side. There are loads of mini games that are a genuine pleasure to play through as there is a lot of variety present within them. The colourful visuals immerse the player into the gameplay experience. The one negative point is that the game revolves too much around the element of chance which can be bit of a drag. There is no online mode supported by the game. It does not have that much of a lasting appeal and if you’re alone the game is just not worth your time. Most of all the whole experience feels all too familiar.

Our Verdict 

Mario Party 9 is indeed the best in the entire series but due to its many faults it fails to create any kind of impact. It is fun and entertaining but lacks a lasting appeal and gets old very soon due to the familiar gameplay mechanics.


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