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The Medal of Honor (MOH) series has come a long way since the day it had launched its first game. The whole idea of placing the player in perilous danger and the blood ridden battlefield was a great concept that the game endorsed. It has many awards under its belt and is supposed to be one of the leading war-fighter games out on the market. Developer Danger Close Games and publisher Electronic Arts decided to launch their newest endeavour in the series called Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The game is said to be a direct sequel to the 2010 reboot and is said to have incorporated new elements. However it received horrible reviews and was a commercial failure on the market.

Six classes, fire team is cool, misses the mark:

There are six classes to control this time and allow the player to take on levels with each character to get a different play type each time. There is a new system called the Fire team which allows two players to simultaneously go through levels and is especially fun in the multiplayer mode. Other than that the game feels like a cheap knock off of the original along with being very old. It highly disrespects the player and misses the mark in both the campaign and the multiplayer segments of the game.

Graphics are awesome: Thank God!!! :

Perhaps the only saving grace of the game is its graphical interface and the way the game has been created. The environments are really cool and bleed with the colour of war and strife. The lighting effects are very nicely done as shards of light escape through massive explosions that rock the war stricken field. Character models, the few that they are, are developed and crafted properly along with the super guns and weapons of destruction. Other visual elements have also been taken care of and exhibit perfection.

Sound is simple, voice acting not impressive:

The sound and audio level of the game has been kept simplified and doesn’t really leave an impact on the player as such. Voice acting for characters isn’t impressive and fails to pull the player into the action of the game while cheating them out of any sort of personality. Sound effects such as explosions and bullets whizzing away have been done with precision so that some of the action is retained.

Fire team is nice, vehicular sections cool, campaign and characters stink, technical failures:

The fire team mode is great to play through especially in the multiplayer segments of the game. The multiplayer holds the feeling of camaraderie that feels really good. The vehicular sections pump up the action and keep it alive. Some levels are really nice to run through. Now for the bad parts and this game stinks of bad things. The campaign is really inefficient and the story is putrid keeping most of the immersive quality at bay. The narrative is disjointed and the characters are not impactful at all. The many set pieces miss out on the thrill factors and the characters feel irritating at times. Apart from that the game features a lot of technical problems that throw the player of balance.

Our Verdict 

Medal of Honor: Warfighter does a horrible job at taking the series to new levels instead it takes it to the depths. The game is not worthy to be called a sequel and should be ignored.

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