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Hideo Kojima is considered as one of the brightest minds in the gaming industry till date and is known for his involvement in the popular Metal Gear Solid (MGS) series. It has spanned over many years and has evolved with each new game. In commemoration of the popularity of the series and the massive success it has gained, developer and publisher Konami decided to re-launch a special edition of the Metal Gear Solid series called Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. This version is reengineered with solid HD visuals and minor tweaks that make the stealth and espionage experience even greater than before. It has a collection of three games namely MGS: Sons of Liberty, MGS: Snake Eater and MGS: Peace Walker for the PS3 and XBOX360 while the Vita version only has the first two omitting the third.

HD goodness, great graphics, immersive storyline, sharper controls:

Metal Gear Solid gets a major makeover within this version. The graphics have been tweaked to perfection so as to shine with HD brilliance. Controls are tighter and much more improved. Stories are convoluted while some are thoroughly artistic and touching and some utterly confusing. The ability to jump from any game to the main menu selection is a great element that has been added on here.

Improved graphics, visual elements, character models, not so impressive Peace Walker:

The graphics have been remastered through all the three versions so as to give that bright HD look and feel to the game. Environments, lighting effects, character models and so much more has been tweaked in order to show off brilliance. Every level has a certain outer layer or sheen which makes it stand out from its older counterpart. The player will automatically notice that these games were never in HD to begin with and the glaring difference within the game. Peace Walker’s environments though are a tab bit shabby.

Great audio quality, cool sound effects, Peace Walker takes the cake:

Sound has also been given a boost so as to provide the player with some sweet audio quality and experience. The voice acting is stellar excepting some characters who sound a bit stiff at times. Sound effects are bliss to listen to as bullets whiz past and alarms blare. Peace Walker’s sound effects are by far the best in this version.

Better stealth, sharp controls, Vita elements are cool, more content:

Stealth action gets a major leg up in this new version. Combat is precise and stealthy gameplay is a must to survive. The controls this time round are much sharper and allow the player to get around levels easier. Earlier games provided the player with stiff controls but this isn’t an issue anymore. There is an impressive amount of content which will keep the player constantly on his toes exploring new things to do. Each game that is included within the collection is of high quality and fits the superior gaming tag. The games for the Vita have got some pretty neat advancement which includes using the touch screen for various actions. Transferring saved games is definitely a brilliant idea implemented into the game.

Our Verdict 

MGS HD Collection is worth every penny as it will take you back to the stealth filled world and thrust you into HD styled graphics and improved gameplay for a whole new experience.


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