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There are a few games on the market that cater to a little one’s imaginative and creative mind. Some of them allow them to go a fun adventure to explore and discover new things where some of them teach them important lessons in life. One of the games that truly does a great job at captivating children’s attention and keeping it firmly held is Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo. Developed and published by Mind Candy, the game lets the kids take ownership of a zoo full of little adorable Moshlings. It is developed for the DS only and features all kinds of gameplay elements that show off the DS’s potential to grab a much younger audience.

Adorable presentation, lots of moshlings, tons of stuff to do, great educative gameplay:

There are lots of little moshilings to adopt and have fun with. The player has a chance to run his own zoo and is tasked with the job of making it the best zoo available to the public. The player is taught how to tactfully approach certain scenarios and teach all sorts of techniques to woo these little creatures to join their zoos. The adorable graphics are sure to impress the little tikes as well as great music to go along with the gameplay. There are puzzles to solve, races to win and so many more tasks to perform.

Very simple graphics which are adorable, blissful graphics and visual elements:

The overall graphical presentation of the game and world is very adorable and provides a lovable theme to the game. The players will fall in love with the cute and cuddly monsters who they will want to add to their zoos. Character models are an absolute blissful sight to witness as they certainly bring back that delectable factor into gaming. Backgrounds and environments along with the zoo have a sparkling attractive look to it which will capture any eager child’s eye.

Great audio appeal complete with character voices and happy soundtrack:

The sound and audio appeal is exactly what one would expect from a game like this. Since it caters to children it has a very happy and catchy jingle which plays in the background. The little ones can hum along with it and complete their tasks. Each character has a unique voice and will impress the little ones as they rear these lovely creatures in their zoo.

Lots of stuff to do and explore, nice puzzles, learning experience:

The Moshi Monsters world comes alive in this cute and beautiful game which builds on its original social networking counterpart. The game employs many gameplay mechanics which will seemingly enhance fun time as well as teaching the children some important skills. Players will be able to set up their own zoo and then start to adopt various moshlings to inhabit it. The player will be tasked with completing certain challenges in the guise of puzzles and exploration to win over the moshlings. Creativity is also bolstered here as the player has to set up his zoo with the most prettiest of features in order to gain more popularity. Taking care of the moshlings is a thrill on its own as it incorporates players having to bathe, feed and do all sorts of other tasks.

Our Verdict 

Though it wouldn’t really leave a mark on the adult gamer, it is perfectly suited to the ripe minds of the younger generation and aptly helps them to learn a lot while having fun.

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