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The Need for Speed series or more popularly known as NFS has come a long way since its many expansions. It has evolved in so many ways which include better, tighter gameplay mechanics, more advanced AI, open worlds, graphical advancements and loads more. Developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronics Arts, Need for Speed: The Run is the 18th game in the series and hoped to build upon its predecessor in a positive way. Unfortunately for it, the game received a barrage of mixed reviews which ranged for some pretty ok scores to some pretty horrible ones too.

No story whatsoever, new cars, new tracks, long load times:

Are you looking for a story element in this game?? Well you’re not going to get one as The Run doesn’t even have a shred of good writing attached to it. The plot seemingly tries to develop but fails miserably due to the absence of a good cast. There are new cars though and this is a good thing. New tracks and the variety in them is great to zoom around in. And the load times are just plain lengthy and sap you of all the fun.

Not the prettiest NFS game, Great looking environments, shiny car, lighting effects could have been better:

The Run is not as shiny as its predecessor Hot Pursuit which was quite a looker. It does however do a good job at looking like a typical racing game with flashy cars and over the top environments. The Frostbite 2 engine has been put to great use here as well as utilizing it to its maximum but a little more effort would have awarded it with so much more. The environments are crafted pretty well bringing to life the mountains and great natural advance. The cars are cool to look at but nothing that will catch the player’s eye. Lighting effects could have used a bit more depth but works for now.

Excellent soundtrack, repetitive voice acting, nice sound effects:

The game starts off with a sweet melody being played on a piano and from then onwards gets to your normal NFS music score. The voice acting is done pretty well on an overall basis but a little bit of variety wouldn’t have hurt it. Cops keep ranting and raving about the same thing over and over again. The music soundtrack is where NFS always takes the cake and it does it this time too. A wide variety of tracks are well placed throughout the game fitting each scenario perfectly. The sound effects also go a fairly good job.

Bad gameplay mechanics, fun racing, QTE=What?, Cars, Tracks, Online not impressive:

It’s not your typical racing styled game this time. The mob is an essential part of the game who will chase you down every step of the way. The mob and racing though just don’t go hand in hand which brings us to the QTE (Quick Time Events) that the game features. This was such a bad idea. Who would want to get into button mashing in the middle of a racing game?? QTE + Mob + Racing= Bad idea. There is still lots of fun to be had here with the cars and tracks but they all lack variety which puts The Run at a bad place. There is an online mode but since it lacks options it once again fails to impress.

Our Verdict 

All in all The Run is a fun game to play but lacks certain vital elements that make the NFS series exciting.


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