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The greatest duo in gaming has to be the two plumbing brothers known as Mario and Luigi. These two siblings have been around forever and have had their own versions of games that have sparked interest within several player’s minds and hearts. They have received loads of rewards and critical appreciation over the years for the advancements in gameplay and graphical areas. The Ninteno DS had its fair share of Mario games and when Nintendo 3DS launched it also saw its first Mario game. Well soon enough another instalment in the series graced the little screen called New Super Mario Bros. 2. The game is developed and published by Nintendo and is said to be a direct sequel to the Super Mario Bros. on the DS. The game received positive reviews from all over while some praised it for its great level designs.

Great presentation, nice animations and cool level designs:

Nintendo sure knows how to make a Mario game and their presentation of the game is brilliant. There isn’t really scope here for finding faults with the menu or theme of the game as Nintendo has mastered the world of Mario over the years. The animations are striking and visually brilliant while the colours incorporated within the game are bright and bring out a sense of excitement with the beautiful hues and tones.

3D is a letdown, level designs are great, animations are smooth:

Since the game launched for the Nintendo 3DS one would imagine the 3D would be really awesome and the game would come alive but unfortunately that’s not the case. The 3D fails miserably on all levels but thankfully everything else looks and feels great. The level designs are praiseworthy while environments are really wacky with all sorts of Mario induced fun lurking within it. Animations are not jerky and this amps the fun up a little more.

Coins chiming, familiar soundtrack is nostalgic:

That familiar sound of coins chiming once collected is heard throughout the game as the player jumps over dangerous pits to catch them. Surprisingly the game does not really have a lot of music installed within it and borrows heavily from the six year old Mario brothers theme. This may seem cheap at first glance but the sheer familiarity of the music sets the theme.

Too many familiar levels, lots of secrets, bland levels leave out challenge, co-op is frustrating:

Unfortunately there is very little new stuff to see here but the few things that are new are amazing. There are loads of secrets to uncover throughout the levels and the rhythm that each level possesses keeps the action in a continuous flow. The controls are very sharp and highly responsive along with being precise so jumping over death defying gaps is fun. However there are loads of levels that are reminiscent of the past which steal away creativity. The Co-op options of often frustrating and some of the levels are very bland thus relieving them of any challenge that they might possess.

Our Verdict 

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is definitely a worthy successor but it could have done so much better in various aspects of the game. But for now it does a neat job at bringing back Mario and Luigi back to life.

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