The Pokemon universe has gathered a lot of respect as well as appreciation from critics and fans from all over the world. It has had a long run of success over a variety of platforms like television, movies and games. Developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS, Pokemon Black and White was released in the year 2010. It received a lot of critical appreciation and positive reviews commenting on the advancement in gameplay mechanics and elements. Building on its success, Nintendo released the sequel to these versions called Pokemon Black and White Version 2. Pokemon White 2 is set 2 years after the events of the first game and takes place in Unova.


Does a great job on building up as the sequel along with various new additions that make it stand out:

Definitely a worthy sequel to say the least, Pokemon White 2 takes everything from its predecessor and excellently builds on its various mechanics. Beautiful worlds make the action come alive on your screen and make the player feel a part of the environment. Lots of additional content added in this version along with new Pokemon characters which total to around 300. The game is extremely addictive right from start to finish.

Visually stunning with minor tweaks here and there which bring back the fun in the Pokemon universe:

Environments are well crafted which make the world glisten with beauty. Lighting effects are normal and nothing out of the ordinary. Characters are created with superiority kept in mind. Visual elements work together to create a certain charm that sticks to the player long after he has left playing the game.


Audio elements are more or less the same with a few minor tweaks made here and there:

Unique soundtrack and well placed audio elements are a pleasure to listen to. Not much of changes are made in this area but each sound effect fits their respective scenario perfectly. Fight sequences have great sound effects that make challenges a fun experience.

Gameplay elements have certainly got a facelift granting the player loads of activities to complete:

Turn based gameplay mechanics is back with not without some additional gaming elements that give it that fresh appeal. There are loads of Pokemon to catch which means tons of fun to be had. Additional activities make it a fun experience on the whole while giving the player a bigger bang for his buck. The new features in the Pokedex helps the player to know exactly where to go to catch his desired Pokemon. There are lots of trophies and achievements that the player can strive to achieve and prove to be a great challenge. The plot though is the weak point of the whole game which puts a damper on the fun factor. There are low level Pokemon which occasionally take away the challenge from the series. The training and battling elements have been improved and certainly prove their worth.

A plentiful brilliantly balanced package can be found in Pokemon White 2 apart from the occasional difficulty drop rate and story elements. Players will enjoy expanding their collection and testing their mettle in tournaments which grant the player with a worthy challenge.