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The post apocalyptic world seems to be a setting that many game developing companies like and base their games upon. At times this setting proves to be a huge success like in the case of Fallout 3 and at times the setting doesn’t really work that well like in the case of I Am Alive. Rage, developed by id software and published by Bethesda Softworks is placed somewhere between the two where it works well on a post apocalyptic level but fails to impress on an overall basis. The game is a first person shooter who places the player into the shoes of the protagonist Nicholas Raine who is tasked with surviving the barren wasteland.

High production value, weak storyline, disappointing ending, fizzles towards the end:

The incredibly high production value is evident throughout the game from the perfection that has been inducted within it. The storyline is weak and fails to allow the player to connect with it. Some of the characters are memorable while some just fade away from the very beginning. The ending is very disappointing which is mostly dictates the appeal of the game. The game gets off to an exciting start but starts to get really dull towards the end which takes its toll on the overall gameplay.

Wonderful graphics with lovely visual elements apart from the pesky bugs and improper textures:

Graphics on the whole are stunning but rare moments in the game leave a bitter after taste in the mouth of the players. Environments are crafted to give that surreal post apocalyptic look to the world. Lighting effects highlight the dark and light sections of the game very well. The artistic design is very impressive leaving the game with flawless imagery. There are many visual bugs that slow down the game and its visual appeal. Inconsistent textures pop up from time to time to clog the screen with nasty images.

Cool soundtrack, great sound effects, lovely voice acting

The sound effects of the game are impressive where guns go off with wicked sounds, vehicles roar with power and silence keeps up the tension in the air. An excellent soundtrack brings more excitement and action to the scenario and gameplay. The voice acting is also stellar making it a joy to listen to people prattle off.

Combat is rewarding, Car combat is super cool, upgrades are awesome, flaccid story, boring end:

id Software certainly knows how to make an action packed first person shooter and this is evident from within the gameplay. The shooting is out of this world where upgrades amp up the whole murderous effect. The controls are fantastic to manoeuvre around which make it a delight to work with and master. The car combat system is especially fun as you mix speed with bullet flying excitement. Enemies get brutal as the player moves on and this proves to be a neat challenge. There is a lot of content to keep the player occupied along with co-op mode and its missions. The one thing that brings the whole experience to its knees is the flaccid storyline which is crucial to building a game. The second half of the game suffers from dull moments and the ending is really disappointing even though the combat is top notch.

Our Verdict 

As mentioned earlier Rage isn’t a revolutionary game that will set records or break barriers but it sure is a beautiful shooter crafted with expert precision.



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